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How do I fix my laptop keyboard that has a button broken off?

Asked by richmarshall (1037points) June 4th, 2008

My laptop is an Acer Aspire. I had something stuck under the ‘i’ and while I was trying to get it out the whole ‘i’ button snapped off. Obviously I can still get it to work, but I have to push really hard on the blank spot where the button used to be. My middle finger on my right hand is starting to hurt not to mention the frustration with typing…. Had to be a vowel button too!!!!!!!!

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can’t you just click it back on? or another way to get it reattached ?

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I’ve had the keys come off of a regular laptop and an ibook and both of them just took careful alignment to make sure the spring was in the right place and just pushing really hard. “Snap” and it’s back. Oh and it’s always a vowel. My friend lost her “O” button. LOL!

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It won’t snap back on. I also tried ‘krazy glue’, doesn’t work.

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um crazy glue is not a great idea. You may need to just buy a new keyboard. Get an external that you can just plug into your USB. Cheaper than a new laptop.

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Usually I can pop them back on no problem, but one time my ‘A’ key (a vowel, cooksalot!) and it wouldn’t go back on for anything. I finally figured out that a small bit of plastic had broken off the key, so I replaced it with my ` / ~ (to the left of the ‘1’) key.

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Wow, smart. The mostly-unused keys are really spares. Huh.

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Oh, is that what that key is for. I always wondered since I never use it unless I want a squiggly line in my journaling on scrapbook pages.

I know call me a dork it’s ok.

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@ cooksalot, I was careful with the krazy glue, but your right, not a great idea.

@petethepothead, evidently my keys were not intended to be popped on and off. Great answer, but now I’m down two keys.

I think cooksalot nailed it….I will get an external.

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I’ll be honest my husband was getting off of work and showed up at the car as I was reading this. It was his suggestion. Like I said love my ipod touch. :-) I would have forgotten if I had waited till I got home.

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most keyboard keys have a spring like plastic piece that sits under the key and more than likely, this part is not broken, it just came apart. the tricky thing is putting that piece back together. Now, if you don’t have that piece or it truly is broken, then the best thing you can do is google your laptop model and search for a replacement keyboard. Keyboards are usually very easy to change on laptops. you should be able to get a manual from Acer.

Here is a link to a keyboard ($25) that works for several ACER Aspire laptops at Amazon

If you have problems finding what you are looking for, send me a PM with your model number.

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How about if you order your key from a key replacement company. I know a reliable one. They also have video tutorials on how to fix your key. Check out:

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