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Hoax or not a hoax?

Asked by flutherother (26896points) September 29th, 2012

What do you think. Is this video genuine or not and what are your reasons for thinking so.

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It looks legit but I have to say the lack of references concerns me. It seems to me to be some sort of BBC documentary. The BBC is not lacking in documentaries about this subject it’s probably from them if I had to make a guess.

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That shit’s legit!

There are similar figures of humans at that last moment at Pompeii.

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It seems strange that these ‘mice’ were oblivious to their impending doom, especially since mice have to be on guard most of the time in order to stay alive. But anything is possible, I guess… there were a lot of people who were also cooked in the volcano’s blast that took out Pompeii.

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I say it’s a hoax. The finish of the rats is too smooth compared to the people whose figures are shown at Herculaneum. I don’t remember any remains on display at Pompei. But also, I’ve always been a skeptic.

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Can’t say…correct me if I’m wrong, but animals have a much keener intuition than people do. When something like an earthquake or a tsunami is about to happen, most animals can feel it hours before it strikes. Wouldn’t it be the same with a volcano? Then again whether animals feel it or not, I have no idea if they do anything about it, and if they did, if people would, in turn, notice the behavior in the animals…

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I have seen casts of people and dogs who died at Pompeii but they were all clearly aware of their fate. I thought at first these mice were genuine but they are fake. You can see them cast in metal here. The authoritative voice of the commentator is quite convincing.

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