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After you moved out did you knock on the door to your childhood home or just walk in?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) September 29th, 2012

Once you moved out of your parent’s home did you knock when you went to visit or did you walk right on in? If the door is unlocked my husband’s kids walk in without knocking and I admit it drives me nuts.

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I walk right in. Most of my adult life I have lived out of state, but when I am in town I would never knock, I would have a key. My parents when they are visiting me also have a key and treat the house as their home. Same with visiting my inlaws we just walk in.

However, if I lived nearby I would probably knock, not sure? It would probably depend on whether my parents were expecting me or not. When we lived near my inlaws we would knock first, because we did not have their key, so we had to basically. But, when we stay with them now, we are given a key and we never knock when entering their home.

I say just ask them to knock first. Or, keep your doors locked. My door is always locked.

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I just walked in, but I never showed up unexpectedly. And the door was locked only at night, sometimes not even then. I always called out a greeting as I entered.

However, once my parents lived (separately) elsewhere, I rang the bell. That is, until my mother was far enough along that I was doing her a favor not to make her answer the door. Then I started just walking in once again.

But if it bothers you, you should ask them to signal their arrival, even if it’s only to knock and call out as they’re opening the door. It’s your house now.

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Just walked in.

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I just walked in until my late 20’s or so. I think it has to do with consideration and maturity.

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Rang bell.
Unlocked door with my key.
Yelled from the bottom of the stairs to further announce my arrival.
Cautiously walked upstairs.

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No, because my mother moved out of state and left me my childhood home. lol

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At first I would walk right in, but after my father pulled a gun on me, I knocked.

true story

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@SuperMouse Does it bother your husband?

If my parents asked me to knock first I would not be offended, although I do admit if there were other children still living in the home I would find it a little odd.

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@JLeslie it doesn’t bother him too much, except that once we were almost caught. Before I came on the scene they always just walked in so that is what they are used to doing.

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Just walked in, usually shouting out a hello as I came in.

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I suspect that my mother felt much the way that you do. When I got my first apartment, she told me, “I will never show up on your doorstep unannounced. I now expect the same from you.” It seems like a good rule for parents and adult children.

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It would drive me nuts if my Mom and Dad just waltzed right on in. I knock on the door. I have this thing about privacy in your own home – it’s pretty sacred.

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Walk in, although they know when we are coming and are generally waiting for us to show up.

They have a key to our house, too, so they can just walk in if they want. But once again, we live far enough apart that the only time they come, they are expected, and it is as if they are walking in.

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I never lived in my home town after college, so usually they had to pick me up from the airport. I never had a key to their place because, when all the kids were gone, they got a condo. We all had to ring the bell to gain entrance. It wasn’t our home anymore.

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I always walked in. Because I lived about a 3 hour drive away, they always knew when I was coming to visit. Same thing with my older sisters when they would come to visit. I would have thought it a little odd if my parents had wanted me to knock on the door or ring the bell. That doesn’t mean you should though!

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Just walked in until my mother sold the house to live with my now step-father. Now I knock on the door since its his house and I don’t feel comfortable just walking in. I will however walk in after knocking if I am expected.

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If you are concerned than why don’t you lock the door. My daughter has a key for our home for the bottom but I have a slip lock on top that can only be opened from the top,(bashfully said) in case my husband and I are busy. But she usually calls if she is in the neighborhood to make sure we are home first.

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I always call ahead, but I just walk on in. My parents gave me a key for a reason.

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I always called ahead and knocked then went in. I can’t do that anymore, I miss my dad.

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@Pandora I am not concerned, I was just wondering how most people handled it. I pretty much always walked right into my dad’s house after I moved out. Now that he is remarried though I would knock first.

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Knock, even at the back door, unless i knew for sure they weren’t home.

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As others have noted, it’s unlikely that I’m coming over unexpectedly, so ill just walk in and holler “Hello!”

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We would just walk in. My parents and my in-laws gave us keys and a permanent invite to come in anytime.

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I have a key, I just walk in.

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Just walked in. Even though I had moved out, emotionally it was my home.

My children just come in too. I wouldn’t want them to feel they have to knock or wait to be invited in. It’s their childhood home.

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I always walk in. My parents don’t mind. Even now that they’ve moved to a new house, because they’re my parents it’s still home, so I still just let myself in. Our whole family does. Our parents also let themselves into our homes. They just say, “Knock, knock!” when they walk in, LOL. I actually told my mother-in-law to stop ringing the doorbell and just come on in, because her knocking and ringing seemed silly to me.

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I have always walked into my childhood home, and now my parents’ new house. They usually know I am coming though, and I usually announce myself.

Now that I am moving closer to them again, and with a woman that welcomes their presence in our lives, I am sure my mother is going to try for a pop in. I would like a heads up that she is coming. Is that too much to ask?

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I walk in while shouting “hello!” They knock at our house, though. I think it has something to do with the mutual feeling that their home will always be my home in some way. Same with my grandparents – their house is always open to us.

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I knocked. As soon as I moved out it was no longer my home. That doesn’t mean I’m not welcome, but I respect their privacy and almost always call before I stop for a visit.

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@SuperMouse But, that’s the thing, now you are on the scene. Asking them to knock first or yell out before making their way through the house is reasonable. They are adults, they should get you might be naked, or having sex, or need a second to make yourself presentable. Just don’t have sex in view of where people first walk in. LOL.

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Well, so much for having sex in the foyer.

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I walk straight in to my dad’s house but have to knock at my mum’s because the door is locked from the outside if it is shut and I don’t have a key to their house (they changed the locks a few years ago and I never got round to getting a new key!)

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I just realized that none of the homes I spent a lot of time in as a child will be accessible to me by this time next year. My last remaining grandparent died earlier this year, and her house was just sold a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, my mother has been making plans for retiring—including selling the house I grew up in and finding a smaller (and cheaper) place to live. Maybe I’ll finally learn to knock when going “home”?

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Just walk in for sure.

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