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Why can't I shout in Skyrim?

Asked by charcoalwasp (101points) September 29th, 2012

I bought Skyrim V, so far its a great game, and I have slayed the First Dragon at Whiterum. But now one of the guards asked me to shout, and when I select the unrelenting force (the only shout I have so far) It says I do not have enough charge for that Item.
So what am I doing wrong? Shouldnt I just be able to do it first try?
Thanks, im on Xbox360 by the way.

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This is very strange, indeed. And you’ve never shouted before? You have to go to the magic menu and equip the shout then press the shout button (hold it for more complex shouts) and you should shout. Then the compass will highlight blue and slowly move outward until your ready to shout again. I don’t know why you’d get this answer.

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