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Can you have a relationship with someone you work with or rather works for you?

Asked by Optimism101 (101points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m not talking about a fling, but an actually relationship

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I think it would be tough. I wouldn’t wanna work with someone that I was dating. It’s just too much time together.

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My (now) wife and I have worked together three times in our 20 year history together.
Once when we first met and began dating (age 17, worked together 2 years); Later in college (age 20, worked together 2 years); and again after we were married (age 30, worked together 4 years). Worked great for us. I’d work with her again someday.

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I do! My true love works right down the hall, in the same company. Luckiest guy ever, I am.

We met at work. I hope one day we do something else, but still work together.

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i would get on my nerves to have to be around someone that much.

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It’s legally dicey to date someone who works for you.

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are you into really awkward moments and possible lawsuits when things dont work out?

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My husband and I work in the same place. It’s how we met. However, there’s over 1000 people employed at this location, so it’s not like we sit next to each other or anything. We did end up on the same team for a short while and that was awkward. And company policy forbids us being in direct line of reporting.

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I was offered a management position with a company in which the owner & I became involved. We were together almost 24–7. We never fought or argued. It wasn’t until we decided to close the business that I learned he was MARRIED! We haven’t spoken in almost 5 yrs.

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My partner and I have worked and lived together for over five years now. I’ve technically been her boss now for about a year. I have enormous respect for her personally and professionally (and hopefully she respects any skills that I may have) and we’ve never had a problem.

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