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Would you be prepared to help the Mitt Romney election campaign?

Asked by flutherother (26903points) October 2nd, 2012

By suggesting the words he should avoid in the coming debate with Barack Obama such as taxes, poor, health etc.

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“You have a tight ass, small head & big ole ears BO, sumfink to grab a hold of when i’m riding you all the way up the oval orifice….yee-haa!!”

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No. (Well, you asked!)

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@GracieT Ah, but I don’t think you have read the small print in the question.

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No help from me. I am hoping Mitt will be Mitt.

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Sorry @flutherother, I completely actually took it seriously. I agree with @marinelife, and I just want Mittens to be Mittens.That should be train wreck enough.

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Getting ready for a nice comedy show tomorrow night. I doubt it will be as nice as watching Palin but I’m thinking Mitt will give me plenty to laugh about.

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Every time I see the name Mittens, I think of the rhyme ‘three little kittens have lost their mittens’. I know I can Google this, but I wonder where his nickname came from. Who started calling him Mittens? I don’t know what words he should avoid @flutherother. Avoiding any discussion that requires him to demonstrate a level of intelligence seems like a good start.

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Mittens, listen very closely. I like betting and I applaud the 10K bet last time. But, this is America and we love money so show us how much of it you have. Bet 10 million on something with Obama. I would suggest working the long form birth certificate into the bet.

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Why don’t you tell us about your boat on Lake Winnipesauke? And your house. Show us nice pictures. But don’t tell us how much they cost. No, no, no.

Also, don’t tell us about the money you keep in offshore banks. And heaven forbid you should mention your net worth. We know you haven’t made enough money yet, with your billions, so you want to be president so you can make your fortune double every year. And your friends fortunes.

Do not mention how you don’t care about the rest of us. Of better yet, why don’t you explain that again. We know you care about rich people, but why don’t you care about the 47%? Why?

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@Bellatrix, I first heard it used by Stephanie Miller- I think it was during her “Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour,” but it could have just been on her radio show.

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I don’t want to help either of them.

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As I have said before, Obama is far from being a perfect President, but at this juncture, Romney’s plans for the wealthiest Americans at the expense of every average American, scares me. Romney has put his feet firmly in his mouth on several occasions, so I do not think he needs any help from anyone in order to sink his candidacy – I only hope that the Voters are listening ( & that the Republican Party does not come up with a way to actually steal the election ).

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Avoid the words Polygamy and Holy Underwear. Try not to criticize the President for starting his day with Coffee and Cigarettes.

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Be sure to avoid mention of your tax returns, Romneycare, the terrified dog on the roof, and the planet Kolob.

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Don’t forget to mention when you bullied a gay teen and cut off his hair, or that Paul Ryan wants to amend the Constitution to define marriage as solely between a man and a woman.

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It might also help if he could trick Obama into saying ”نحتاج الى السيطرة على العالم كله!”

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I am alongside @marinelife and @GracieT with my popcorn for the show, let Mitt be Mitt.
I can’t think of any topic relevant to the presidency that the Mittster can speak on and not contradict what he said sometime earlier.
So, he’d have to avoid all topics relevant to the presidency and stick to the weather or pet care, oops! not the pet care.

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