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For real this time, who will be watching the 3rd party debate tonight?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9171points) October 23rd, 2008

It is now confirmed and on CSpans schedule. It will be on tonight at 9.

Anyone gonna be watching??

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I will pick the World Series game.

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Since I’m decided already, I’ll be playing Fable 2. I’ll see the most hilarious clips on other shows later.

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ll watch it if I can persuade my TV-owning friend to watch.

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Not me! We don’t get anything that doesn’t come to the bunny ears and I don’t see ABC as running it. (And we really only get ABC clearly.)

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Yikes, how do you people not have TVs / Cable?!?!?!

Not even just a TV and Cable are #1 priorities for me, but even HBO is!

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I don’ t have cable because I can’t afford it.

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There’s a 3rd party?

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No. I actually WOULD watch a debate of 3rd parties, but you’ve got 2 candidates here…Chuck Baldwin, who is a conservative pastor whose views are about the polar opposite of mine (a liberal agnostic/athiest), and Ralph Nader, with whom I agree on a great number of things. So there’s no real mystery here first of all, which is not 100% pre-requisite, but in a case where neither candidate has a chance to win, I can (and have already done so to some extent) familiarize myself with their ideas in another fashion.

My main objection to this debate though is the reason many people who could be in it turned it down (Cynthia McKinney for example…the Green Party candidate whom I’d REALLY like to see as I know she’d spice things up quite a bit) won’t do the debate because it’s not being set up by some non-partisan commission, it’s essentially a debate set up by Nader. To me this just doesn’t seem like a forum for the exchange of ideas as much as a forum for Nader to take on whomever will disagree with him.

Bob Barr is probably the only 3rd party candidate besides Nader that most of America is familiar with, and I think he would bring a perspective no one else does.

If there were a debate with just these 4, I’d watch it. But really, there are about a dozen other people who should be included so all in all, I’d rather watch My Name is Earl and the Office tonight, thank you very much.

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No cable available here…do I miss it? No, since I am watching less and less TV.

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Not I. Frankly, I’m sick of the election by now. If I thought any of them had a chance, I might watch it, but I’m focused on the Obama-McCain race right now.

I’ll be thrilled when all this is over, and even more thrilled when the new President is inaugurated so that we can get back to trying to solve the considerable problems facing America.

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@Dale- Agreed. I might have made the effort to watch if Mrs. McKinney had been involved.

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So, Chris, how was it?

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Howard hit a ground ball out, and TB won 4 to 2.

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