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Has a question gone unanswer that you know of?

Asked by Notreallyhere (728points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

That can be sad

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I across a few just the other day. It was sad. I’ll try to find them.

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Oh men…thanks I was thinking it was gonna be this one…

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If I come across any, I’ll answer it even if I have no clue, just to make them feel better. Maybe I’ll save a life…who knows or make myself look like an ass

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thanks babyg. I answered it. I did my today’s good deed. Aren’t you proud of me?

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ive had a few unanswered some i found the answers myself over time some i didnt ah well.

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@Notreallyhere – oh my, you just gave someone futile hope… Plus, the asker won’t receive a notification if another answer arrives… :)

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I asked a question that no one answered.
Just here.
A bit sad but I wasn’t really expecting much, I just asked on a whim.

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It happens. When i first joined I asked a couple of questions that didn’t get many bites, but I didn’t get upset about it.

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