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What is a good site for reading perfume reviews?

Asked by jca (35976points) October 8th, 2012

What’s a good site for perfume reviews? Do you read reviews of perfume before purchasing it?

It’s the time of year now when stores like Costco and Sam’s Club will be having great perfume for sale (for the holiday season) and I want to take advantage of the selection and price. I want to read some reviews asap.

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CardAngel's avatar has reviews and a message board about perfume but you need to register.

I do like to read perfume reviews. I haven’t been able to afford to buy perfume in a long time but I still read reviews and imagine the notes together and swoon at the ones that sound wonderful.

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I was going to recommend makeupalley, too. I doubt that all of the reviews will be well-written and thoughtful, but they will be plentiful!

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Go to YOUTUBE!!!! Or makeup alley, or amazon.

Just type in the perfume you want, and write review..

Or you can ask me here, I have a big perfume collection :)

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I read the perfume reviews, check out reviews on youtube, and I also sample the perfume from Nordstrom before I buy.

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Makeupalley is the way to go.

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