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How many "organized" dances do you know, such as the Electric Slide and Macarena and what do you think of them?

Asked by AshlynM (9348points) October 8th, 2012

I don’t know either of these songs moves, but apparently everyone else in the world seems to. Almost every party or wedding I’ve been to, every time these songs come on, everyone gets up and starts dancing in unison, like they’ve been doing it their whole lives.

I’m like, how do they know this? I feel like an idiot for not knowing.

I only know The Chicken Dance and YMCA, and The Hokey Pokey.

What are your thoughts on the topic?

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Never been my thing. You’re not alone, I think line dancing and the Macarena craze etc. to be rather whimsically stupid. lol

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Boot Scoot Boogie and Achey Breakey Dance. Or at least I used to know them.

I think they can be really fun when you have a few drinks in you and are being crazy with friends. Otherwise, these dances are meh.

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Let’s see.
Electric Slide
Can’t think of the name of the newer one where you wiggle yout butt a lot.
Then there was the disco line dance back in the 70’s, can’t think of the name.
Hokey Pokey of course.

Are we countng circle dances?
Mizaloo (no idea if that is the right name nor how to spell it. It is a Greek dance I believe)
And a few other folk ones that my legs just know what to do when the music comes on. Last time I had the opportunity to dance the circle dances was at an Orthodox Jewish wedding. I was shocked at how many I knew from when I was a child.

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@Jeruba Yes! Thank you. I never realized there was an R in the word from how people pronounced it. The version you linked was a faster tempo than I am accustomed to, but that is the correct song.

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The Hokey Pokey is the only dance I know and remember. It is especially fun when done on roller skates at the roller skating rink.

I’ve never been a big fan of dancing. I’d rather throw darts or play cards when I’m at a party.

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Oh, and the Hand Jive, and Las Ketchup Asareje that is basically a hand jive also sort of.

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Pretty much none.
I know the chicken dance, though. I participated in the world’s largest group of people doing the chicken dance in once place for Guinness one year, but that was a long time ago, and I’m not even entirely sure that it hasn’t been beaten.
I don’t really like to dance, period.

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The Cupid Shuffle – very popular. Look it up on You Tube. Most parties I attend with a DJ present will have the Cupid Shuffle.

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I thought it was called the Cuban Shuffle, @jca. It is the only line dance I know. 1–2-3–4. 1–2-3–4. 1–2-3–4. 1–2-3–4.

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Where is the “Bunny Hop” and the “Stroll”?

Oh, that was half a century ago . . . —Then there is the “Conga Line” from before that!

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Love ‘em. As far as line dances, I only know the Electric Slide, I think. There might be one more, but I don’t know what it’s called.

If they count, I love square dancing and American style ballroom dances, like the Virginia Reel.

I particularly like learning music video choreography, if I happen to like it. I’m working on Gangnam Style now. I also like doing Moskau by Dschinghis Khan.

Remembering the Dark Ages (my preteen days) I can still remember every step to Backstreet’s Back.

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Oh yeah, bunny hop! Good one @Tropical_Willie.

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I don’t know any line dances or group dances. They are not for me.

I think these kinds of dances make certain people feel comfortable dancing. Everyone is doing the same thing. The dances are pretty simple and easy to learn. So you can’t be wrong and you can’t make a fool of yourself—at least, not any more than anyone else. So these dances will often get everyone out on the floor, whereas dances where people are different make people feel unsafe.

I suppose I could learn a dance like this, but I’m not interested. I prefer to dance in a way that makes sense to me and allows me to express myself as I wish. I no longer care what others think about me on the dance floor. I’m not there to try to pick up some woman any more. I’m there purely to have fun.

So, yeah. Kind of pathetic and antisocial, I know. But that’s me.

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I love to dance and I think I’m ok at it. My thing with the Cupid Shuffle is that at so many parties, I saw them doing it, and I didn’t know how, partly because I didn’t even know what it was called. Once someone told me what it was called, I could look it up on You Tube and read about the origin, and watch the steps being taught. Now it’s not so intimidating.

I hate the Macarena and the Electric Slide.

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I am learning the Electric Slide. Why don’t you like the Electric Slide, @jca?

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@wundayatta The biggest thing about most of these dances is you don’t need a partner.

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You don’t need a partner and you can add your own style and flair. Cha-cha-cha.

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@bkcunningham: It’s the songs I don’t like, so the dances accompany the songs.

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OMG OMG OMG this is my question. I became obsessed about 4 months ago with the Dougie. Yes it is hip hop so if you dislike rap and hip hop in general you won’t like it. But damn is it catchy, and the dance is okay too. Now, let’s be serious and talk about the Cat Daddy. Even better. The firs time I heard it I was almost scared. Now I’m just in love. I cat daddy daily, at work, in the shower, out dancing. I. Love. The Cat Daddy!!!!!! It’s ridiculous and hilarious and I love it.

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The only one I know is the Birdie Song ((hangs head in shame))

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