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What do you blog about and how do you get readers?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) October 10th, 2012

Of course, I imagine blogs can be anything, but what do you think the popular conception of a blog is? Are blogs supposed to be about a specific topic? Are they diaries? Places to rant? What?

How do people find blogs? How do you get readers? I know there are a lot of people who say I’ll follow you if you’ll follow me, but that is penny ante stuff to me. How do people build a serious readership?

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I think blogs can be about anything, I think they can represent all that you list. I think, however, there is a perception around blogs as not serious (and, surely, many aren’t but it’s all very subjective) and certain understandings around blogs have to do with racial, class and gender inequalities. And if they aren’t, that is..if it’s sort of equal, the blogs that win prizes and whatever…all of that looks like the rest of society, like whites are on top, etc. When you look at Mommy Blogs (and why have that particular phrase, people use it sneeringly), it’s all about who we think is a good picture of a mom and all that bs reflects how we use that bs in offline life.

Anyway, I am all for blogs, at the end of the day. I think it can be used as an important tool, to give a voice to those who aren’t usually given that voice. But, again, it’s sometimes a matter of access and not all have an access to a computer, internet or to the kind of marketing that would get readership. My blog has no readership. I write it for all parents, really but I don’t do anything to promote it. I think I have 5 people that follow it and even they don’t really comment on it. I repost it on FB, and then more people comment. I write about parenting my kids to be critical of gender and sex binaries and put down conversations I have with them on these matters. I’ve used my blog as an inspiration for my academic work, as well.

I also publicize it on my fluther profile but I don’t think that’s ever gotten me any readers.

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Back in 2010 there was much talk about the death of blogging. It seems that the traditional Wordpress blog with RSS feed is no longer the trend. As @Simone_De_Beauvoir pointed out, she gets more interaction when she reposts her content on FB. There are very active bloggers that have scrapped their blogs and gone completely to Google+ because they found they could reach a specific audience who was more engaged.

There are many blogs, but it seems that many people consume their blog content via “social networks” today.

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I gave this a GQ because I have a friend who I have been considering helping with his blog(s). I look at several blogs throughout the day, and the way I came across them was totally by accident, probably from clicking around on other sites. Then, from one blog, I just “arrowed forward” and found some others, and also clicked around links on those blogs. I made a blog list in Excel and I sometimes look at it and go to some to kill time. This is a totally antiquated way, I know. I wish there was an accurate blog index but there does not seem to be. I think I asked that question on Fluther once, something about finding blogs or searching for blogs, and I didn’t get many answers. I really enjoy blogs on my favorite topics just as much as I enjoy looking at magazines. I see there are some blogs that made the bloggers quite successful, and I see they get sent free stuff and then link to the sites that provided it. It would be nice to be able to mimic that success for my friend (and maybe, one day for myself).

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I have a blog that I share with several friends I met at a special event in 2006. For us, it’s very much like a pen pal club. We share personal stories about our families and daily life. The site allows us to share with other friends and relatives, so the circle does get a fairly wide readership.

I also have a personal, private blog where I tell my Mom, who died 25 years ago, all the things that are going on in my life and in my head everyday.

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Blogs are usually something that people feel strongly about because you want lots of people to check it out…..there’s one I love here. It can make you cry or allow you to vent but it’s kind of specific, but unfortunately a lot of people relate.

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I blog very rarely, these days to write. Whatever is in my head, whatever I’m musing about, might get turned into a little essay. It’s a dumping ground for my brain, and a handy place to keep my writing. Followers aren’t important for my purposes.

I have absolutely no clue how people hit it big with their blogs. Sometimes I think it’s just a fluke when a blog suddenly has huge numbers of visits, like a video that goes viral. Not that the content isn’t good, of course. If it weren’t, nobody would stick around to follow it. I’m sure there are a ton of blogs out there that are just as good, but never get seen at all.

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My general impression is that the so-called blogosphere is half topic-based blogs and half rant/diary blogs. The former seem to be followed—predictably enough—by enthusiasts of the topic and the occasional dabbler, whereas the latter seem to be followed by friends and the occasional voyeur or like-minded ranter.

I personally blog about philosophy, and my readership is comprised of other people who have studied philosophy (at either the undergraduate or graduate level). I have a link on my professional web profile, and it has been linked to by some of my colleagues and former students. It’s possible that some people have found it through Google if they were searching for a specific topic on which I happen to have written, but not terribly likely.

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I wish there were a better way to search blogs/blog topics.

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