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How to setup my Paypal account to automatically withdraw money from my bank account?

Asked by xTheDreamer (881points) October 10th, 2012

So a few of my friends have been ordering stuff from eBay via Paypal through their bank account and I want to order off of eBay also but as the same way as they do.

Now, my friends and I live in the Netherlands, we all have a debit card, so to order stuff from eBay we need a Paypal account.

I wanted to know how can I connect my bank account to my Paypal account so that when I order things on eBay it just automatically removes the money without having me to transfer the money to my Paypal account first and having to wait a few days then I can order stuff.

Several of my friends have this method, but they can’t seem to remember how they did it or just won’t tell me.

I always need to transfer money to my Paypal account first, wait a few days so that it is transferred and then I can order things. I don’t want that, I want that I can just order stuff on eBay and it automatically removes the money right away.

Anybody know how to set my Paypal account like that?
Cause I know(my friends have it setup this way) that you can do that with out all the transfer and waiting hassle.

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In Paypal,
Go to Profile

Once in your profile, on the left side of the screen under My Personal Info click on My Money

Once in My Money “Bank Accounts” should be the first listing you see. Click on update (right side) On that screen there will be an orange button (bottom left) that says “Add Bank” Click it, then follow the instructions by adding your Routing # & Account #, etc

I’ve never transferred money into my account. I just have a bank account set as my primary form of payment.

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Oh wow. I recommend that you do not do this. I almost lost $900 this way – and bounced checks in the process. Someone somehow charged/hacked my paypal account (still don’t how this happened), and $900 was immediately deducted from my checking account. This put my balance below what I needed for my pending payments, so I was all messed up.

After many hours of phone calls and work, I was able to get this resolved, but I didn’t see the money for weeks. When you use a credit card, you are shielded from the immediacy of bogus charges. Checking accounts are too vulnerable.

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