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Help me with a name?

Asked by syz (35525points) October 10th, 2012

I’m adopting a 1.5 year old mn doberman from a rescue organization on Thursday, and I need a new name. His current name is “Zeus”, which I hate, and he’ll adapt to a new one pretty quickly. But I need some help.

I love the idea of the name Lagniappe, but it just doesn’t seem to flow. My next choice is probably Barghest. As you might guess, I like unusual names (my most recent cats are “Havoc” and “Melee”).

Any great ideas?

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I’d go with Duane, after the character in Sgt. Bilko.

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Pip. By mn do you mean miniature? If it is I like Pip.

If it’s a big Dobi how about Brutus or Moby.

It’s hard to pick a pet name when you don’t know it’s personality.

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MIlo? My neighbors had dobermans and named each one Karl.Some Karls were more friendly than others, but it was hard to know when the torch had been passed, short of sticking my hand through the fence and see what happened.

They are sleek dogs. How about “Slickit”?

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He’s a dobi? Then Gillis, as in Dobey Gillis.

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I blame Magnum P.I. for his current moniker.

How about something demon-ish? Though perhaps not “Amy”.

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@tinyfaery Sorry, mn = male neutered.

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Does he respond to Zeus? If so, maybe you should just adapt to it yourself instead of retraining him. But if you insist on renaming him, how about Klingon? (I assume he’s a typical black & tan dobie.)

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Since he has Teutonic heritage and it rhymes with barks, how about Marx?

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Just call him Suess, or Doc for short.

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As noted by @Brian1946, I’d honor his heritage. A few random thoughts:

Zeitgeist (spirit of the times!)
Freund or Freundshaft (friendship)

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Dobi Wan Kenobi

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I’m a fan of some of the ones already listed in this thread, particularly Bruno, Moby, and Marx.

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If he barks, how about Barkley?

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Carman Unigleous
Warshak (ala Watchmen)
Grido (ala Star Wars)
Or the ultimate,

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@Hypocrisy_Central Good lord, how can I yell for him with a name like that? Some others that I’ve come up with:

Athos, Porthos, or Aramis

Cerberus and Anubis are a bit too common.

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How about Frankenfarter? ;-p

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Upaut or Wepwawet or Ophois – way less well known than Anubis.

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Nicodemus (a friendly character in the Bible)

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@wildpotato Lol, I like “Wepwawet” but I say it to the tune of awembawe

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How about “Rumpus” to go with the others?

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^ and save “Skirmish” for the next cat. :)

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My 8 year old daughter suggests Gunther.

My 20 year old son submits Poo Balls.

Me? I’ve always wanted a dog named Dog.

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I have found that some dogs do better with a name change than others. @CWOTUS is on the right track with a rhyming name if he is not a quick adapter. I had a dog named Jack who got up on the kitchen counter at three months of age. My yelling “Jack, OFF!” clued me in that a name change was in order. He did not adapt well, so I went with Zach and he knew who I meant right away.

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@syz Whoops, sorry for the earworm!

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Barky Von Pinscher


Mr. Pointy Ears

Poindexter ^^

Pooh Bear

Honey Boo Boo?

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Sirius- Everyone thought he was a dark character at first, but it turned out he was a very loyal friend. People often portray dobbies as being fierce dark creatures but they really can be sweet and they often are extremely loyal to their masters.
Same for Snape.

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The only problem with Sirius is that you run the risk of clueless people thinking that you named him after a brand of satellite radio :)

How about the brother,Cerberus, instead ?

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@Buttonstc: And remember, Sirius, the dog star.. known in ancient Egypt as Sopdet… is recorded in the earliest astronomical records. During the era of the Middle Kingdom, Egyptians based their calendar on the heliacal rising of Sirius, namely the day it becomes visible just before sunrise after moving far enough away from the glare of the Sun. This occurred just before the annual flooding of the Nile and the summer solstice, after a 70-day absence from the skies. Source

Cerberus is a multi-headed hound (usually three-headed) which guards the gates of the Underworld, to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping.

These guys are not sibs. Astronomically Sirius is a double star aka visual binary (for starters). Our friend who shines so brigthly in the summer sky is Sirius A; his kid brother is Sirius B. There may be a third star attached to the system, known cleverly as Sirius C.

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Hey, @syz – don’t forget to come back and tell us what you chose!

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Michele came up with some that she likes:


He’s been ours for 3 hours now, and so far, so good (although he needs to quite barking at the cats – I’m pretty sure he’s trying to get them to play, but any predatory behavior is a deal breaker).

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Of the above, Zayne

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Bijou (note spelling, please, of singular) implies a delicate blushing creature.

I like the rest of the list.

Godric has a certain ring to it…two syllables and just the right about of hard consonants and crispness.

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@syz I’m also a fan of Titan and Godric. They have a nice ring to them.

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That damned damned spell-check. I read, everything is fine, and as I am pressing “Answer,” it is changing something.

Edit: ’’...just the right amount of…

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Hmm, I just realized that I never updated you guys.

So, I had finally settled on Barghest, but Michele was having trouble bonding with the new dog (he was kind of a brat when we got him), so I went with her choice to try to smooth the transition. He is officially “Dexter” (yes, after the serial killer).

He wound up at the rescue organization because he was a failed car lot guard dog. A more spectacular failure I cannot imagine – he’s the biggest cuddler I’ve ever met in my life (and doesn’t even bark when someone comes to the door).

We’ve been through advanced obedience and I’m considering signing him up for “nose work” classes. He’s calmed down about the cats, and spends his nights kicking me in the kidneys when he shares the bed.

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