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Has a movie, song, experience, or person ruined a name for you?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9822points) October 13th, 2012

I have a cousin who named her daughter Adele. Adele is now 6. Her husband fought her on the name, though because it reminded him of a mean, old bus driver back from his elementary school days.

A friend of mine named her son, Malachai. When I hear it, all that I can think of is the evil ginger from Children in the Corn. Another one is Damien.

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Haha…I had a friend years ago that named her son ” Damon” and he was a little demon.
I also have known several ” Dales” and they were all creepy, pervey and had the IQ of a Potato.
The first ” Dale” was a neighborhood kid when I was a kid, and he was a budding sociopath no doubt. The second was an extremely creepy dude that lived below me in an apartment I lived in once and he was always lurking and trying to hit on me.

I was so creeped out because I knew he could hear me running a bath upstairs and when I flushed the toilet. He was soooo creepy. Pasty white, creepy goatee, even creepier stare, still lived with his mother at like 35 years old. Shiver!

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There was a large, red-headed, freckled bully in my second grade class. His name was Bruce. I have always been prejudiced against Bruces since then.

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1. I had always wanted to name a future daughter Emma, but when I met my husband, I found out he had previously lived with a woman who had children, one named Emma that began calling my husband, “Daddy” before he and the woman split up. It would have been too weird to have my own Emma, after I learned about that.

2. I also knew a Renee in high school that used to slap me around and bullied the hell out of me (the fucking teachers didn’t care) until I’d finally had enough and fought back. Violently. Directly after that, I found out she had AIDS and felt horrified at the memory of getting her blood on me. I’ve hated the name Renee ever since then.

3. A 29 yr old man I knew took horrible advantage of me when I was 17. His name was Jerry, or Jerome. This is the man I constantly talk about when people ask if there is anyone I actually want dead. Jerrys and Jeromes do nothing but piss me off now, and make me want to vomit. (Which sucks, because my uncle and cousin are both named Jerry.)

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A friend wanted to name his dog syndrome until he realised every time the pooch jumped on the couch/bed he’d have to yell down syndrome!!
So he named the dawg Rufus instead, a wise decision methinks.

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As a teacher you can be put off lots of names!!

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My sister’s favorite song was Sweet Caroline until the sweetest Caroline we had ever met came along and stole her fiance a month before the wedding.

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I have hated the name Melonie since high school. That is the name of the girl who bullied me my freshman and sophomore year. Her parents couldn’t even spell the name right. Red flag right there! ;)...... The girl was evil.

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My Sharona…

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I will never name a child of mine Honey Boo Boo.

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@janbb I won’t even name a pet Honey Boo Boo. Why any run-time is given to that family is beyond me.

I don’t like the names Kyle, Jeremy, Jerome, or Megan. Kyle put me in the hospital, Jeremy’s my ex, Jerome just is too close to Jeremy and Meghan is the name of two of the worst students I ever had.

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My mom hated her name because of the Dumb Dora cartoons when she was a kid.
Before she died she reclaimed and loved her name because her great Grandchildren called her ” Dora the Explorer.”

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@Coloma, I had a creepy cousin named Dale.

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@Judi Aaaah HAH! It’s a phenomenon!
Creepy Dales of the world burn! lol

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I really hope no one here is called ‘Debbie’. I never get on with Debbie’s I don’t know why!

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Need I say more?

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The uncle who sexually abused me was named Mitch. Sorry, Mitches of the world, but you all creep me out.

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So far, I have not met an Amanda (in real life) that came across as very pleasant and it has put me off the name quite a lot.

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@Shippy You don’t even like Little Debbies? lol That’s an american snack company that makes delicious little sugary lard cakes. haha

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Eh people ruin names for me. However though a crappy actor can ruin a movie for me I rarely link a name to some unfavorable media. If I don’t like it I ignore it…though Carrie does come to mind. Never thought it was a pretty name or known anyone called Carrie though.

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