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Have there been any times in your life when you were extra attractive in a romantic sense?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) October 18th, 2012

I’m not talking about physical attractiveness. I’m talking about those times when maybe the pheromones or the hormones or something were on high alert, and you find a lot of people attracted to you. Maybe for most of the rest of your life, you don’t have the magic, but every once in a while, it appears, and it seems like you could have anyone you wanted.

If so, what do you think it is? How do you account for it? What makes you extra attractive at those times? Did you use that magic? How did you use it? Did you lose your head? Were you able to be responsible?

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Unless we are talking about some freakish experience that I have not yet had. I usually find that good health and physical attractiveness go hand in hand with the pheromones part of things.

I had a period in my life, age 15–19 or so, that I could get more or less anyone I wanted. However, in retrospect I put it down to a combination of things. 6 pack, 2 meters tall, money, popularity, and other such things.

At least in my experience, the easiest way to get that mass attention from others, is to either have a 6 pack, money, or already be in a serious relationship.

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There was a period in my early to late twenties. I was thin, intelligent, risk taking, and debonair. But I was too clueless and focused on my qualifying as an alcoholic to pay attention and take advantage of it.

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Thinking on this some more, and mainly the term “romantic” that you used. I have noticed there is a correlation between being more honest and open, and more in touch with your sensitive female side, and having a higher interest from women.

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After my marriage, at 20, and before my first pregnancy, at 22, I was a magnet. I am guessing because in those days we (the good girls) assumed that you didn’t have real, honest-to-god sex before marriage. Therefore, I was doing it.

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Being in love is definitely a beautifier, but I think many women are at their peak, looks-wise when they get married. There’s a glow about them that doesn’t necessarily last. Others bloom with pregnancy, 2nd marriages, third marriages and while having affairs. It’s a kind of prolonged after glow.
Not prolonged enough, probably.

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It’s called charisma & that just happens to be my middle name, actually i’m lying, it’s James…..but still.

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Haha yep, although I mainly blame it on the 3:1 male/female ratio at my college. Last year I was pursued by 4 guys, and this year I’ve been asked out once and have my suspicions about a few other guys’ intentions. It’s funny, though, because when I first started at my college 2 years ago nobody had any interest in me. The difference is that I’m happy now.

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I have never been a man magnet. I was so thin and not very voluptuous when I was younger and I tend to be serious and fatally introverted. It seems like a show of cleavage combined with a flashy smile is what a lot of men go for, especially if you are out bar hopping in college.Hey, it translates well in that venue. My power of attraction has more to do with conversation and getting to know someone. They have to come close enough to feel my aura. They have to talk to me enough about things of substance. Like one of my boyfriends said to me, I realized that there was a lot of depth there….
But there have been times when I radiated more outward confidence and happiness and I could see what a huge difference it makes. Unfortunately that doesn’t come easy to me. Still, I feel like the men I have attracted have all been worth my time. There were no instances of crash and burn.
Other times I felt more attractive, but didn’t necessarily get more attention, was when I fell in love. But that is just a special form of happiness/confidence.
If I had that power to attract I think I would be tempted to cash in on it. My husband might have to work harder at keeping me happy, lol!

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When I was dating my wife, suddenly a lot of women found me very attractive.
Part of it was that my wife is so beautiful, but I think most of it was because she is deaf, and women found me more attractive because I would date a deaf woman.
Women were asking me out! It was absurd!

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Every time I’m single, I think I must unintentionally put out some kind of strong vibe. While I’m in a monogamous relationship, I hardly ever get hit on. I don’t wear a wedding ring, but it’s like people know I’m married (maybe I’ve got it wrong, and I’m sending out a strong vibe when I’m not single). When I’m available, I get hit on a lot. It’s weird.

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@augustlan I can hear one of our friends here shouting “confirmation bias,” but I totally know what you mean. In the interests of science, do you think it is possible that you just don’t notice the attention you generally get when you are thinking about one guy?

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Yes, I think it starts from within me, nothing to do with external factors. I think its a mixture of peace of mind, and energy, I mean physical energy. When that extinguishes, I become invisible. As it has at the moment.

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Yes. Every time.

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@wundayatta I don’t think that’s it, because I do occasionally get hit on when I’m in a committed relationship, and I’m able to recognize it when it happens. It seems like my behavior (or appearance?) must subtly shift, depending on my availability. So subtle that I’m not really aware of it, maybe.

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