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What's the best place to buy discount luggage in the bay area?

Asked by ABH (23points) June 5th, 2008

Marshalls? Ross? Costco? I need a carry-on, and I know sometimes quality luggage ends up in these discount stores, but which one is the best bet?

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I hunt them out at TJMaxx, Ross, and Marshalls. I check different stores until I find what I want. This is the best time of year, by the way. They carry models that have just been discontinued at the best discount that I have found.

For a good carry-on, go for the size that all airlines will accept. Some will take up to 24”, but then other’s won’t. If it is wheeled, make sure that the mechanicism is entirely inside. You might be forced to check it at the last minute due to overhead space, and if it is on the outside, can get damaged. If it isn’t wheeled, then go for backpack straps so that you can go hands-free when needed. There are some duffel bags that have that feature.

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What Seesul said.. I was planning on saying those same stores; I’d definitely hit all three to see who has the best deals.

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There was a good one called Luggage to Go, but they have switched to completely web-based. In case that’s an option,

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My personal experience goes well with Costco. So I would recommend costco.

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