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What kind of device would you wear on the upper arm at the gym?

Asked by srmorgan (6738points) October 19th, 2012

I have begun to exercise at a local gym.
This morning I saw two people over on the cardio machines wearing something on their upper arms. My guess is a blood pressure monitor or heart rate monitor but I never did go interrupt either of them while they were exercising.

any ideas?

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It’s probably an iPod Nano in a case! Heart rate monitors are worn underneath your shirt.

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^Agree with @davidshoukry. I had a velcro type device to hold my IPod on my arm at one time.

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What a good idea for a new invention…an iPod Nano combined with a BP cuff.

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Guess I am too focused on the cardio aspect and not concerned with the music.

So how do you measure your heart rate while on the treadmill?

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Usually they have these stupid bar things you hold…. or you can buy one you strap around your chest.

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The treadmill at my gym has a built in device to measure your heart rate. All you do is hold the handles and it determines your heart rate and prints out with the rest of your information: how fast you are walking, how many calories are burnt, etc.

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The bodybugg got a lot of attention after being seen on the upper arms of so many Biggest Loser contestants. Here is a better link with better description of the bodybugg.

But to answer your question: What kind of device would I wear around MY upper arm at the gym? Probably emergency oxygen . . .

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An alarm button that dials my chiropractor.

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@gailcalled I like the iPod/BP monitor combo idea… it could respond to your BP by playing music with the appropriate beat.

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A small tactical nuclear device.

I know, I’m so going to get modded, sorry for the trouble, I just couldn’t help myself.

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My iPod is on my upper arm.

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