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Something to ponder; how do birds keep their nest dry during the winter rain?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) October 20th, 2012

Even in the densest of trees eventually the rain makes it through and on to the ground. Those birds that have nest in that tree, how do they keep the nest dry or do they just suffice the winter in a soggy nest?

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Birds don’t live in nests in the winter.
Nests are only used during breeding season, to rear their nestlings.
In North America breeding season is Feb. through June-ish. Some species will raise several broods during this time.
Most species flock up in fall and fly with the collective to help improve survival rates and find winter forage.

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They are also fairly waterproof from oils that keep their feathers healthy and water repellent.
Edit” Waterfowl like my gorgeous white chinese goose “Marwyn” in my avatar are, obviously, extremely waterproof. lol

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@Coloma Most species flock up in fall and fly with the collective to help improve survival rates and find winter forage What about sparrows, bluejays, red winged black birds, etc that are still around here (my area) all winter long? If they are not in a nest where are they?

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Birds can sleep standing on a branch. It is even speculated that they can sleep during flight. They only need nests for the offspring.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Nope, no nests. Not all species migrate but year round residents still flock up. Look for them in small groups foraging. They roost in trees and bushes at night, usually in groups, except the Blue Jays, they are a little more solitary.

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Here’s a short but informative article on how birds who don’t migrate south in winter cope.

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They will get wet during the summer months too. I’m guessing they just live with it and rough it until it airs out.

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They try to build their nests near gas stations that have those hot air dryers in the rest rooms.

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They find a barn for warmth and shit all over the place. Then I clean it up and get histoplasmosis.

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Birds don’t use their nests in winter. They abandon them after the chicks have fledged, and come next spring they build a new one (or re-build the old one). They avoid rain in summer by building in a place that is sheltered.

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Turn it upside down & hover for hours.

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