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Which bugs/insects were or were not on the Ark?

Asked by Jenniehowell (2203points) October 20th, 2012

I read an article about 20 weirdest religious beliefs. There was mention of something to do with the Ark in the article and about how rare it is for kids to question authority when being told such stories hence a child is not as likely to ask why didn’t the lions eat the guinea pigs?

My friend and I then got into a discussion about the ark. I of course unlike the authority believing child did have questions and told my friend that the people searching for the remnants of this ark would never find said remnants because obviously there were termites on the ark which likely feasted for months on the ark. We then got into a discussion about bugs and I pondered who’s job was it to sex the bugs for the trip & how did an average joe like Noah know which termite was the female and male, which flea was female and male, mosquito etc etc. My friend responded telling me that there were no bugs on the ark placed there by Noah and his gang and any bugs that survived the flood would have either gotten on the ark themselves such as termites on the wood, fleas on the animals etc. and that since bugs are so resilient the rest of them simply survived the flood.

I want to know the potential truths to our fun and non science based discussion. Which bugs can survive a flood of that magnitude? Would it have made sense that bugs and other animals would survive by attaching themselves to floating debris? How exactly (of course pretending or assuming the flood story is true) did bugs make it &/or did any other animal not on the ark make it through this ordeal?

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Well clearly, fleas and ticks had it made in the shade, they and the horses they rode in with, and…. obviously, dung beetles would have thrived in the arks environment. lol

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I feel sorry for the worms. They do not like rain one bit. But you know, not all land was inundated. There was that mountain top they landed on. Mt. Arafat, or something. Did you know that the original Noah people were terrorists? They had God on their side, though, but still, raining down thunder and lightning on a poor unsuspecting people is a pretty terroristic thing, it seems to me. I’m so glad I’m not into that kind of mythology.

So the worms that survived must have been on the top of Mt. Error Fat. Or was it Error Rat? Maybe there weren’t any rats on the ark because there were already rats on Error Rat.

Did you know that worms are not native to North America? Like they came over from England or some such. So I don’t even know if they had worms in the cradle of civilization or not.

The point being that it really doesn’t matter what bugs survived or didn’t. Because if they all died out, then new bugs got imported by Columbus or Rembrandt or Chamberlain or someone. Maybe even Coloma. She brought the geeze, I’m sure.

I’m eating ducks eggs this week. Just thought you outta know. I mean, thinking about @Coloma‘s geese made me think of that.

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I just wish noah would have squished thos two flies!!

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And the mosquitoes!

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I have 2 ^%#@*!!! flies in my house right now trying to find warm digs before the die off. They are driving me INSANE the last hour and I can’t seem smite them. lol

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And the roaches!

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You mean the ark from the bible?
Literally none, never happened.

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Golden egg laying geese, unicorns, dinosaurs, and Dr Seuss Truffula trees all missed the boat. As did Mothra, and the 3 Fairy Princesses

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A lot of insects, spiders, ticks and mites can cling to floating debris and or hang out on exposed mountain peaks for a long time.

I wonder if the flood covered the top of Mt. Everest over 29,000 feet? If so then where did all that flood water come from and where did it go after the flood? Did God just deliver it from heaven and then just take it all back later? But of course there are many problems with this quaint Bible story that prove to reasonable people that it just never happened.

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@gondwanalon Actually, it has been said that fossilized seashells have been found at the top of Mt. Everest and some theorize that they got there from the great flood.

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What are some of the biggest floods that non-believers believe happened? How did the insects and other “animals” survive and re-inhabit these areas after the flooding?

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@Coloma yep – I figured any parasitic creature would have had it made without any problem.
@wundayatta – never considered the worm factor. I’m now feeling sorry for them along with you. I guess this flood was supposedly across the entire earth so any worm that made it had to be either on the ark or have managed to climb upward on some mountain or another as the flood waters rose. I can’t imagine how packed out with survivors the mountain tops must have been and how many times those attempting survival on said mountain tops got zapped the shit out of by lightning. Crispy critters rotting in water for 40 days would have created an entirely different issue for Noah and his crew when they landed and came out of that boat.
@Judi & @chyna – amen to the flies, mosquitoes, & roaches concept. My assumption was that Noah left them behind as well but the flies & mosquitoes survived due to their larvae both on the boat and off & somehow I think roaches can survive anything so even if they didn’t get on the boat I bet they were chillin like a villian through the whole flood. Not sure about ants though
@ragingloli – I’m assuming you may not have read my entire question because toward the bottom I mention ”(of course pretending or assuming the flood story is true)” & also that it was simply no more than a fun discussion rather than a serious one. I’m not sure if you thought it to be a serious inquiry would you have participated on any level if you don’t believe and then only participate in a way with which to attempt refuting rather than actually participating other than perhaps you enjoy riling up sheep types who follow whatever they may have been told about one religion or another. Were I you I would have done like the others in the feed who don’t believe and still attempted to playfully or even scientifically guess at what would have and wouldn’t have made it were the story real. It’s an interesting psychological/sociological study in human behavior sometimes to see the reactions to questions that people have to these sorts of discussions on Fluther. Also not sure the point of your plate_tectonics sharing.
@LuckyGuy I’m very upset about the golden egg laying geese and the fairy princesses – I could have used their help on multiple occasions throughout my lifetime thus far. Though I had to google what a Mothra even was I’m a bit glad I haven’t seen one of those around. Moths in general sort of creep me out – I can’t imagine dealing with a giant creature like that one. Though I’d love to have a T-rex as a guard dog at my house. I’m sure that would be a great burglar deterrent.
@gondwanalon Supposedly people believe that the ark landed in the peaks of mt. ararat and if that is the case then that means the water never got over 16,000 feet or so. That would mean that Everest was quite exposed. Apparently the flood waters came from rain/storms & Unless God has a great big shop vac I’m assuming the story or belief would be that the water receded and evaporated slowly but surely. The logic is though that Noah would have had to travel around the entire world collecting the animals because they were not all available in his location I’m sure this was easier if the situation of Pangea existed then but even still quite a feat to collect all those animals from far and wide and at the same time create a giant boat. I would guess that he basically created a zoo and perhaps charged a fee to tour it so he could fund his boat building project. I’m assuming that they weren’t beamed to him by God in some way & then additionally he would have had to figure out a way to get those animals out of the mountain once they landed. Imagine trying to hike an elephant or two down a mountain. I’m sure the goats and sheep were released immediately along with the few birds he had but yes the logic defies the story all together and for one to actually believe it they must have a great amount of faith or delusion or combo of both.
@bkcunningham hmmm not sure the answer but I do recall having heard/seen many a documentary about various floods that could have been the one that created the story of noah from those times. Samarians come to mind for some reason but it’s been so long since I’ve seen one of these documentaries I couldn’t accurately tell you

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It’s not surprising when a child doesn’t question it. It’s more of a cause for concern when adults don’t question it because it’s in the Bible, so it must have happened exactly like it says. Tell me again about the talking snake that convinced Eve to eat a forbidden piece of fruit…

But regardless, I have to second the roaches comment. Couldn’t Noah just forget about those? And is there an accurate estimate of the number of different types of insects existing? That ark would’ve been overrun with bugs. Exactly how big would a boat have to be to fit two of every single living creature? Because the Bible didn’t say some caught a ride on debris. So ASSUMING that the story is true, they’d all have to be on the ark.

I just can’t get past the ridiculousness of the story to think into it all that much.

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How did those tape worms make it on board?

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Isabella Rosselini did a great little video on just this topic a while ago. :)

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No data.

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I would think it safe to believe sea slugs survived the flood, and were not on the Ark.

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Spider-Man definitely didn’t show up.

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I’ve often found myself wishing that skeeters had not survived the flood. I even heard HH the Dalai Lama joke once that he’s not sure that we owe compassion to mosquitoes! :-p

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@wundayatta May the ghosts of a thousand geese haunt you for eternity. lol
I think geese could have rode the waves quite well, as long as Noah was tossing some cracked corn and romaine overboard.

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Some suggest that some animals that boarded the Ark were pre-selection, and cannot be found any longer.

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