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Which smartphone has the best camera?

Asked by jca (35976points) October 22nd, 2012

If you’re going to answer “i Phone” then can you please tell me which smart phone has the second best camera (LOL)?

I am currently using a Blackberry but the photos are not the best and am considering, for my next phone purchase, which one might take the best photos.

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This article from Pocket Lint actually reports on the results of different photographic tests they did using a variety of smartphones.

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I believe iPhone 4s has a better camera than iPhone 5. On paper the aperture is better on the 5 slightly. However there are tons of users claiming they are victims of “Purplegate”

purple flares

However with that being said a skilled photographer should know that capturing both shadow and direct light can produce some pretty experimental images.

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Mashable did a comparison between the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Have a look here.

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iPhone’s camera.

As it’s integrated into an Apple product.

Edit: I see now that you are categorically rejecting the iPhone scratches head.

I also see you currently have a Blackberry, therefore the answer is “Anything else.”

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@bvdshec17‘s article confirms what I have been hearing about the Galaxy S III. It seems to be the favorite.

@Crashsequence2012: “I see now that you are categorically rejecting the iPhone scratches head.”

Yeah, the Apple really makes great cameras. But for many of us (especially “techies”), the iPhone isn’t really a smartphone. It’s a great point and shoot camera attached to a phone with limited functionality. (Just wanted to keep you from scratching your head too hard)

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@Crashsequence2012 and @tom_g: I am rejecting the i-Phone due to being a poor child and not thinking I can afford one. The Blackberry I use currently is supplied by my employer, but when the day comes that I will be purchasing my own, I’m going to want one with a good camera, as that’s the main thing I seem to use it for.

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@jca – If you want an iPhone get one. Both the iPhone and Galaxy S III are $199 on contract. All smartphones are essentially the same price on contract (+- $100). That’s not the expensive part of owning a smartphone. It’s the data plan. And data plans don’t change based on the phone – it’s the carrier.

@jca: “I’m going to want one with a good camera, as that’s the main thing I seem to use it for.”

Seriously – just go for the iPhone. It’s weak in the smartphone department, but if you’re going for a solid camera, you can’t go wrong.

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@jca Not to sound like a jerk, but if you want one with a good camera, you will have to pay a good price.

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as @tom_g Pointed out the 199$ is the iPhone 5 contract entry sign up. There are even iPhone 4s’s (8 mega pixel same as iPhone 5 and the next best camera on a smartphone out there) for about 99$ and iPhone 4 for about .99cents with the contract entry.

I personally like to take photographs on the fly. I sold my Camera 60D for cash so I can shell out and purchase iPhone 4S on Virgin Mobile 30$ contract. Pretty much a win for me because with my Canon 60D I was somewhat paranoid with taking it out and about. But now I pretty much just have my phone and shoot photos nearly almost every time. + I’m into the experimental aspect of photo processing with apps.

Good luck anyhow!

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My son says there’s an old Nokia that has a 12 megapixel camera, although the phone sucks. He also says that LG is about to come out with a phone with a 13 megapixel camera. The Optimus G or something. This also has a sucky phone, he says. But you want the camera, not the phone, so there you go.

Of course, it ain’t the pixels; it’s the optics. And possible the post-processing. All depends how you plan to use the camera.

My son’s favorite phone is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, of which a new one is coming out soon. He likes it because there are no overlays, so you get native Android Fireplace, or whatever the most recent version is. Snocone or something. Oh. Jelly bean, he says. Key Lime Pie, is next. Oy Veh!

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There are soooooo many photo editing apps available for iphone that I have taken amazing pics with the iphone 4. Although I have an app called Cameraplus which increases the megapixel count. I assume they are probably available for android phones as well. Anyhow they can turn a mediocre photo into a masterpiece! In olden days you had to have your own dark room, now you just need your phone!

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There are OPTICS available for your iPhone.

That’s the posey way to go.

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