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At your wedding would you rather an average photographer with a professional camera, or an elite photographer with the latest Iphone?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) November 28th, 2021 from iPhone

This is just a question about the balance of value between equipment and skill in professional photography.

Is genius enough to make any camera sufficient to outperform better equipped professional peers?

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Are those seriousl the only choices? Things are never so black-and-white (pun intended).

In real life you get a decent photographer with a decent camera.

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Can I have both?

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At my wedding 25 years ago I had disposable cameras that I put on each table and let people take pictures of what they wanted. My dad, who was a professional photographer, did the formal portraits.

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Many moons ago I studied architectural and mechanical drafting at a technical high school.

Very first drafting class, I was so excited to get to use the equipment. I imagined cool mechanical pencils, mechanical t-square arms — the works.

Instead, Mr. Prudente handed out old, chewed up, miniature golf pencils and beat up, dented, wooden rulers. We complained.

He said, “IfI can teach you to draw perfectly with crap materials, imagine what you can do with the good stuff”.

So, I choose B. Not that I’m comparing an iPhone to “crap materials”, but you get the idea.

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Assuming “elite” means good in a way I like, I’m much more concerned with the quality of the photographer than the camera. And that’s camera is quite adequate. The choice of shots is much more important that having a better camera, and missing good shots entirely would be much more important.

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I’m getting married?!

Am I impregnated or imfatuated??

After checking my email, voice messages, and test strips I guess not – But whenever it happens I definitely want a professional documenting the debauchery.

I agree that talent & experience usually make up for most technical limitations, so a good phone cam would probably work.

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Average photographer with a professional camera. So much more can be done with a good camera than with some phone.
The average photographer, for example, may know what “depth-of-field” is and how to use it, whereas somebody with a phone won’t know how and won’t be able to adjust the depth-of-field if so warranted.

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@kritiper I’m not sure there is a right answer. But, if you think of a photographer that has won many awards for capturing meaningful moments, even if you attribute the beauty of the pictures to high end cameras, you have to presume there is some spark in them that lets them know where to point and when.

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Experienced Wedding Photographer with an iPhone. Not sure if that was one of the choices.

Wedding photographers know the shots to take.

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I think that candid action pictures are far better than phony posed pictures. Average picture takers can take great pictures.

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@Ltryptophan Some people have talent and an eye for a picture. And some people get lucky. But you can’t control depth-of-field with a phone.
Just because some people get lucky with a phone camera doesn’t mean they are a photographer. A true photographer knows all of the details of true photography, and the limitations of a phone camera.
Have you ever seen a phone camera mounted on a tri-pod? (Just an example.)

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Elite photographer, without question. They’re going to be able to frame shots, capture the best lighting and angles, understand texture and composition. I would think an elite photographer could produce amazing work with modern cell phone cameras.

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iPhone cameras are quite amazing. I’ll pick iPhone and elite photographer (hopefully they have wedding experience).

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The best camera in the world isn’t going to make a so-so photographer great so I’d opt for the pro with the iPhone. They’ll know how to use light and shadow, not to mention framing within the camera itself, whereas the average or so-so photographer won’t.

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Even an elite photographer can take mediocre or bad photos and in the same way an average photographer can take brilliant photos.

Personally I would prefer to trust an average photographer with a brilliant camera because even though he/she is ‘average’ they are photographers and have probably been a photographer at many weddings.

Before engaging the average photographer I would want him/her to supply testimonials and names of some who have used him/her.

I would also prefer the average photographer because they are likely to be a lot cheaper than a professional (Lol).

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Neither one. I just prefer a photographer with a good camera who knows what they are doing. And, I choose photographers with great portfolios. :)

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Out of the options, Id prefer an elite photographer. I’ve seen some really good photographers take the most amazing pictures using their phones. They know how to work the lighting and angles and just make it work. If someone doesn’t know how to take pictures but they have a good camera, they might not know how to totally work it or use different things for lighting and such, you won’t get great quality.

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