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What is the best way to get over a guy?

Asked by proclaimxlove (28points) June 5th, 2008
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Two nights of Ben and Jerry’s and old movies on t.v., then get out of the house with your firends as much as possible!

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Keep busy with friends, and before you know it you won’t even remember his name!

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okay everything the two of them said I’m just adding to go out on dates even if you don’t want to. A few of the dates most likely won’t work out but when you find a new guy you’ll get over him.

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Straddle backwards.

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Have a trip to a new place!! Get new impressions and pictures to your life!!!!!!

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just doing it i guess, maybe im a little easier then other people about this issue, but i can just…shut it down if i want to, sure there will be nights where i’ll think about her, but the main part is just wanting it i guess

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Kill your emotions…?

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exactly, sometimes it’s just better not to have them

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Use a latter to climb over him

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it’s called a ladder kid…

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thats how we call it in the ghetto

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you mean you live in the jewish suburbs in ‘42 ?

so what is life like in the ghetto? is it hard? gangwars etc. ? people getting rich or die trying? can you be found in the club with a bottle full of bub? or just a gangster paradise?

please enlighten us, why you feel the need to bring that crocked street slang into fluther ?

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you just move the eff on and stop whining about not being over it


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get a new guy

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Be sad, and then realize you can start all over again. Maybe with someone who will love you back. That will be better for you.

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Realizing there is some one better out there. Actually realizing that there is a LOT of better guys out there. (That way you can’t stop having your eyes on some one and you can’t help but notice all the guys that you could get)

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