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If I've been cancer-free since '97, can I donate anything (blood, bone marrow, platelets, plasma?)

Asked by levi (20points) October 24th, 2012

I’m wondering if I can donate blood or bone marrow or related products if I’m a cancer survivor. I did NOT have a blood cancer, I had childhood lung cancer and it was over 15 years ago now. I am generally in good health. I’d like to give back to the cancer community this way if it’s at all possible. I can’t really find any information online so if anyone knows something about this please let me know!

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I am pretty sure you can’t. We had a Q a while back discussing just this, and I seem to remember you would be excluded from donating. If you google blood donation in your city you will probably come up with a place you can call and ask. I mean, where are you planning to donate your bood? Call there.

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You should be able to give blood. The American Red Cross accepts blood donations from cancer survivors at least 12 months from end of treatment (there are a few exceptions adult leukaemia but not childhood leukaemia, Kaposi’s sarcoma… Theres probably a couple of others).

Have a look at their website for more info on eligibility.

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I commend your desire to help others. I’m sure a call to the Red Cross in your area could get you a definitive answer. Your medication regimen as well as your medical history are important factors. In the event that you get a negative answer, please consider other ways to full fill your desire to help others.

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Per the American Red Cross :

If you have had cancer you must postpone donating until 5 years after the diagnosis, surgery, or last radiation treatment. If your treatment involved chemotherapy, you are not eligible to donate blood.

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There are different kinds of donations (whole blood, platelets, etc) so maybe you would be eligible for some and not others.

As mentioned above by others, call up a donation center and ask.

And it’s great that you want to give!

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If you can’t donate it to be used for transplant, you can always donate your body to a medical school or research facility.

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While I have found some older Red Cross web pages that list chemo as a bar to donating blood (that page is from 2003) I have found a couple of accounts from cancer survivors who had chemo and were told they could donate by the US Red Cross blog from 2010

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