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What is your favorite crock pot recipe or slow cooker recipe?

Asked by Brenna_o (1729points) October 24th, 2012

I just got a crock pot as a wedding present and I need some ideas. I’ve already made chili and pork spare ribs which both turned out great but I’d like more. Any ideas?

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I do really, really easy things in mine.
I throw porkchops and a jar of salsa in on slow for 10 hours for zesty porkchops.
I throw chicken breasts and a can of cream of mushroom soup or a can of cream of chicken soup on slow for 10 hours.
I do this before I leave for work and it’s ready when I get home.

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My mom used to make great pot roast in hers. She would put the meat in with a little water, some carrots, celery and onions, and put it on “low.” She would come home from work, make some rice and voila! Dinner was ready!

I have seen in crock pot recipe books that you can make puddings in them, which I am a big fan of. I’ve never made pudding in mine but I will, one day.

If you have a party, you can use it to keep food hot or for appetizers like chicken wings or meatballs.

Alton Brown did an episode once where he put oatmeal in a crock pot with some half and half or milk, and some chopped up dried fruit like apricots and some raisins, put it on “low” in the evening before bed, and when you wake up it’s cooked. I was afraid to leave the crock pot on all night so I put it on “high” in the morning and in not that long of a time period, I had great oatmeal.

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I’m with @chyna with using the crockpot for easy cooking. I do the chicken and mushroom soup too. I also put chicken and a bottle of Italian dressing in the crockpot. It is really yummie. I do @jca‘s mom’s pot roast except I put potatoes in with the meat, onions, carrots and celery.

Another favorite is beef tips with mushrooms, onions and a can of beef broth. Serve over noodles.

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I’m thinking of trying a bean soup recipe with chicken drumsticks. I’ll let you know how it works.

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I put a whole bunch of chicken breasts and some chicken bouillion broth, about half the height of the chicken. Let it cook for 2–3 hours, and then once room temp break it apart like pulled pork. I use it for tacos. I do soft tacos and taquitos. I usually make homemade pico de gallo to put on the tacos and refried beens. My husband likes them with chicken. beans, onions, cilantro, and green sauce.

I have a brisket I make also, haven’t done it in a very long time. I have to dig out the recipe. It is something like half a cup of ketchup and some apple cider vinegar and a little cinnamon. If you see a recipe anything like that it is delicious.

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Don’t forget meat loaf and turkey breast is delicious too. A 2–3 lb. turkey breast with a bit of broth.
You can also cook a whole chicken with veggies and beef or chicken stew also

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Since this is in social, let me add that you look beautiful in your wedding dress!

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She does hey @chyna. It’s lovely to see your wedding photo.

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I do great baked beans. I wish I had learned how to do them before my father died. He used to like B&M canned yellow-eye beans, which stores just don’t stock any more. That’s all I cook as baked beans now: yellow-eyes, and they do make a great side dish.

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Pork chops and coleslaw ( apples, juniper berries and couple of bay leaves added in too )

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Yellow rice is like really good and stuff.

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This is a little more intense then most crock-pot recipes, but it’s a really, really delicious recipe: W&S Beef Chipotle Chili. Seriously, amazing. I’ve placed in multiple chili competitions with it. Small ones, but still.

Also, if you want a recipe book, Food Made Fast: Slow Cooker (yes, the title is rather silly) is an excellent one. I’ve made almost all of the recipes in it, and they’re all fantastic.

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I must be honest and admit that the only thing I have found a crockpot useful for is making a chicken stock, it simmered on low all night, it is by far the best chicken stock I’ve ever made. Other than that, I simply have not found a crockpot recipe I wanted to make again.

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@chyna thank you. It was the only dress I felt like crying over when I put it on lol.

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