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What would you do if a troubled online friend of yours suddenly disappeared?

Asked by tups (6709points) October 25th, 2012

What would you do and what would you assume? I have them in my messenger, but they’re never online and doesn’t reply to my mails. I’m worried and I really miss them. I know it’s silly.

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Do you have any way to contact them? If so, send a sout out telling them you miss them. If you don’t there is not much you can do unless you know their real name and location.

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Can you track them down by their real name or their user name on Otherwise if you know the person through Facebook, you could message a friend or family member with your concerns.

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I would say let it go. Online friends can either get personal or not based on what they’re looking for in the relationship. I’d let it go and try not to worry. :)

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I’ve thought about this a lot. And I don’t have a good answer. I wish there was a service where we could have someone leave information if we got sick or died or whatever. The service would forward information to everyone on a list. I have a lot of friends through places like fluther, but no one in my real life knows who they are, much less how to get in touch with them. My passwords are all private. So if I died, my wife would have no way of telling fluther, nor would it even occur to her to do so. That’s what I want. They’d work out protocols about when to send out notices. You wouldn’t want a death notice going out accidentally, or because someone hacked your account.

Anyone want to work on it?

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I guess I would respect their decision and fade away. You can’t force someone to be your pal…but sometimes you wonder why the change of heart.

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I tried to contact the person [it was someone once on Fluther] and when I got no response I gave up.

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