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What right do we have to deny gay people the right to marry?

Asked by pikipupiba (1629points) October 26th, 2012

I would first like to ask anyone who supports gay rights to PLEASE NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION IMMEDIATELY. I want to see what kind of response it gets from people arguing against these points before we start too many long winded arguments about who is stupider.

To people who disagree: please think very carefully about you answers and remember that ‘because the bible says so’ is not a valid argument in a society that exercises freedom of religion. Also keep in mind that if you link to a site that has a title like ‘Why Gays are Bad’, you are probably going to have a bad time. Please also consider this and this. While sarcastic, they definitely defuse a lot of anti-gay arguments right off the bat.

Ok, now that the intro is out of the way, I would like to politely ask for ANY reasonable answer to the following:

We have the freedom to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This started with equal rights for all white men, then blacks, then woman, then disabled people (not necessarily in that order). This includes rights like these and these.
On what basis does anyone in this nation have the right to refuse ANY of these rights to people who have sexual relations with members of the same gender (whether by choice, genetics, or some evil spell the devil cast on them) and would like these protections between them and their chosen partner?

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@pikipupiba: This site permits you the privilege of asking questions but not giving the possible responders orders.

You can have short-winded arguments about who is stupid and you can have reasonable arguments that do not fit your arbitrary criterion.

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I think the larger questions here are actually: What is marriage? What is state sanctioned marriage? What is religiously sactioned marriage? Why do we have or need both? Why does anyone have to get someone elses permission to enter into a relationship?

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We have the right to deny gay marriage in the United States because it is a democratic republic. If there are enough people that believe it will be bad in their own view, then, no matter how poor their argument is, they can become a majority, or at least a power that can upset those who support gay marriage.

This infuriates me.

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Also keep in mind that if you link to a site that has a title like ‘Why Gays are Bad’, you are probably going to have a bad time.

Absolutely asked for it.

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We don’t.

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I can’t answer; my country accepts all marriage, including traditional, cultural, and same sex. I don’t see as a big deal in any way shape or form.

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There isn’t a rational reason.

@Fred931 The majority does not always win. Sometimes matters go through the courts and eventually the Supreme Court rules whether a law is constitutional or not. Or, Congress might vote on something, and it might not agree with the popular vote, but it becomes law.

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Objecting to gay marriage because it’s against your religion makes no more sense than objecting to someone else eating a donut because you’re on a diet.

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It is not a right, it is an ability.

Just like you don’t have the right to shoot me but you do have the ability (if you have access to a Walmart).

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@rojo Spot-on what I was trying to say.

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Dang! I was really hoping someone against gay marriage would at least TRY to respond. But I guess when you take away all of their ‘goto’ arguments by stating in the question why they are wrong, then they don’t have a foot to stand on.

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It has been almost two years since this question was posted. Here is an exciting update. Presbyterian Church USA will allow same-sex marriages. There is more great news in the details of the article.

I don’t understand why there is any argument against the federally legislated rights of US citizens because they are are a member of the LGBT group. It is understandable why some religious sects may be against same-sex marriages. Thus, it is worthy of a standing ovation to the US Presbyterian Church. They have obviously come around to accepting the fact that not all LGBT members are not Christians.

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