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What do I do?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) October 27th, 2012

Three starfish wards today. My closet is getting full. What do you do with your multiplying awards?

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Sell em for crack.

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I use them to pad my resume.

Also I’ve found that literary women swoon when I show them my “Earnest Hemingway” award.
I keep the “Exhibitionist” award under wraps and only pull it out upon request.

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Hand them over to charity!

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Start a fluther orgy.

Yep. I’m consistent.

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I hardly consider them anymore since I can’t receive the one I’ve earned through blood, sweat, and toil.

Everyone knows I want my Circumnavigator Award.

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I’m thinking of turning my second bedroom into a trophy room. I envision oak paneled shelving with glass cases. I could still use the room for guests and I’m sure they would be impressed and my fame would grow. It would become a tourist attraction in no time. Ah, but that could cause traffic problem. I think I’ll have to think it out again.

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I love my awards and I also see others awards and rush to see what they mean! I saw one the other day (but I think it was old?) the answerer gave a 2500 word answer? Gosh would love to see that.

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I don’t pay much attention to them, but maybe I should, if I can sell them for crack. I have 897 Herman Melvilles. That should keep me stoned for a bit.

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They live in my study. Some of them are a bit on-the-nose. I didn’t realise we would get real Sardines, Squids and the like.

In addition, Ernest Hemingway and Jules Verne keep arguing in the corner. They are both quite obnoxious. Ernest has also obviously won the Exhibitionist award because he insists on staying naked. Jules wants him to go on a trip around the world but Ernest said he’s seen Spain and France and that’s enough for him.

There are other odd characters here too. Such as Wayne Greet-sky who sleeps a lot but occasionally wakes up screaming HELLLO! HELLO! Like a drunken tourettes victim. The jelly-helper and jelly-asker dudes are having some weird passive aggressive battle for who can be the most ridiculous and every now and then Herman Melville joins in (no idea who he is but he is very, very loud and dresses in some weird old fashioned golf costume). There are a few drunken sailors hanging about as well and the Deckhand keeps making me move so he can mop under my desk.

The smell is getting so bad I may have to move out of my study. In addition to very nasty fish, the cake that should have remained in the frizzer is well… off. Oh, and if you think you hit the jackpot when you got the Gold Ingot, scratch beneath the surface. Plastic. Fricken rude or what!!

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The only one I have a whole lot of is the Perfecto-Fish. I have been awarded the Perfecto-Fish, so far, 511 times. And I am holding onto them. And I keep them in a fish tank, of course. Where else would I keep them? Otherwise they would die.

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Great answers, everybody. I enjoy you imaginations!. Thanx.

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I completely ignore them thinking they may feel unwanted and just quietly depart :)

I found the whole idea of the “secret” ones (where you have absolutely no idea what the criteria are to earn them) to be so ridiculous that I just lost interest altogether.

How can you be proud of something you were awarded by accident ? (or chance, or the proper alignment of the stars or whatever…)Totally illogical.

But if others like and enjoy them that’s fine by me. It doesn’t interfere in the slightest with my indifference :)

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I dress them up. One is dressed like a hobo, one is dressed like a ballerina and one is dressed like Martin Van Buren. Others are dressed like go-go dancers, a wing walker and a yak.

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I never got any awards. Do you think that if I gave them my address, I would get some awards?

It might just be worth it.


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@wundayatta Oh please, thou dost protest too much. You have 43 awards and I only have 39. ;-)

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Yeah, plus he has that one award for 50K, which Vikings dream about when they’re not busy pilfering larvae!

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We so need a larvae award, eh symb?

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I lost mine somewhere in the overflowing library that is my living room.

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@zensky We most certainly do.

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I’ve been awarded 797 Herman Melvilles so far, but I always trade them for expensive hookers and cheap heroin. Or is it expensive heroin and cheap hookers…

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@lillycoyote and @Symbeline. I have never received any awards.

Everyone’s talking about all the awards they have to hang on their walls and such, and I never got a one. God’s honest truth. No awards in the mail. No awards by Fedex. Brown didn’t bring me nuthin. Bendrew didn’t show up to personally deliver anything. Neither did Augustlan, and she’s only a few hours away. My walls are awardless. Unlike many of the other people who answered this question who brag of having awards out the wazoo.

I may have umpteen awards on virtual reality, but I ain’t received bupkus in real reality. So I think there’s something fishy going on in jellyville. Either someone don’t like me, or someone has been intercepting my rightful property and is using it to decorate their spacious pied-a-terre in Rome, or some such wherever those wealthy 1%er jellies hang out with their ill-gotten gains!

I’m not going to say that if the award ever came, I wouldn’t take it anyway, because you’d accuse me of sour grapes, but that’s what I’d do, anyway. ;-)

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Perhaps we should take up a collection of excess awards and pass them on to jellies who complain of having none. Of course, the donees would have to describe their plans for displaying them. We couldn’t give them to anyone who was not sincere!
Or we could trade them! What’ll you give me for a Gulliver award?

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@Sunny2What would you give me for a Cake in the Frizzer award?

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@Adirondackwannabe : How do you get the Cake in the Frizzer award?

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@bookish1 There’s a question you have to answer. But oh crap, it’s going back so far I don’t remember how to find it.

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Remember, jellies: No spilling our state secrets!

@bookish1 We’re not allowed to tell you publicly, because it’s a ‘secret award’. But, feel free to PM anyone who has it, and they might help you out. Hint: I have it.

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@augustlan Oh my, you cheap tramp. Giving out our secrets.

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<< Jelly whore.

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sorry @augustlan! mum’s the word!

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