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If you could paint, what would you paint?

Asked by Luiveton (4157points) October 30th, 2012

If you could paint, what would you paint? And why?
If you do paint -what would you paint? Your feelings perhaps? A classical painting? Something you made up? Something you love? Why?

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I like to paint people. I also like to paint clear things like glass or water. Rocks. I like to paint rocks.

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I’d paint the street I live in, in water colors. It is so pretty and would be a great memory to keep too.

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I have drawn my children but I would love to be able to paint portraits of my children.

I would also like to paint an abstract city scape. I have an idea in my head but I haven’t tried to turn the thought into reality yet.

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I am currently painting this famous painting called The Girl With The Pearl Earring.

Then I’m going to paint this just because I love the Joker.

I love painting, before the girl with the pearl earring, I’d finished this painting of a greek soldier. I was obsessed with Greeks and war and such.

The best thing about painting is that you can paint anything you love—it’s part of you, you know? It’ll always be there so you can look at it in just the way your mind sees it.

I’m thinking of also painting the mona lisa next.

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I would love to be able to paint the ocean like this

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Loch Lomond looks quite different depending on the weather and the different seasons. I would like to paint a series of pictures to show that.

I would also like to do oil paintings of the closest members of my family.

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My back porch, and maybe the upstairs bathroom.

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On my canvas, maybe a big snow covered mountain lives over here. Then there are happy little trees, happy little clouds, and lots of happy little bushes and rocks.

Thank you nature and Bob Ross.

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Hills, trees, lots of gorgeous landscapes around the Ozarks….little shadowy hollows, caves with old Indian symbols, fields of swaying grass. It’s so incredibly beautiful here.

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Portraits of family members and still lifes of things that are meaningful to me. I’d also like to be able to paint furniture and small boxes, like jewelry boxes. I do decoupage and it would be a great thing to do along with the decoupage. At present, I faux finish things and then decoupage over them, but if I could really paint well (backgrounds, i.e. leaves, etc.) then it would go great with the decoupage.

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I paint birds mostly these days (digitally).

I also like doing landscapes.

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When I was growing up my mom bought several ceramic buildings each year for a Christmas village she was putting together. I had so much fun helping my mom paint the buildings, then putting the village together. I’d like to start this tradition with my daughter, but we would do a Halloween village.

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My car. Everything except the metal lip of the rims would be black. It would look awesome. Steve Shill would find it familiar-looking.

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The town red.

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Happy trees.

It was just his birthday, RIP Bob, I still miss your soothing voice on Saturday morning.

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I can’t paint, so it’s really hard to be able to imagine painting. I have no idea how I’d feel and what would attract me. I just don’t think in terms of images. I do see images in my head. I imagine things, but these are not things I could imagine painting. I could imagine someone else painting them, but not me.

I’m into color. I like richly saturated colors—purples, reds, oranges, yellows. How odd, considering that green is my favorite color. I like strange shapes. I like movement in a painting. No way I could ever make a painting move the way I see it in my head. It don’t work that way. So it goes.

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Your wagon.

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I would paint everything, every way. If I can paint, why limit myself? I like landscapes, micro, macro, portraits. I love all color. A different painting for every mood and circumstance.

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I would paint my penis to look like Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants. LOL :)

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I’d paint the world as it looks like from the inside.
I’m not sure what that is precisely, but I think it would be in the direction of Rothko’s work.
I’m also sure that it’d be rather big and messy somehow. I want to work on huge canvases.

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The living room.

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I would paint the fruit in my fruit bowl. They’re so exotic… full of color. It’s actually really beautiful. But, one teeny eeny problem: I can’t paint.

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Landscapes, especially of the Southern California back country, mountains and deserts. I do paint and draw, but mostly I take landscape photographs.

My favorite painters are Alfred Mitchell and Maurice Braun and Charles Reiffel and Charles Fries who are considered Post Impressionist California Painters.

I also painted most of the rooms in my house and recently the living rooms and bedrooms in several friends houses. Going to be doing a bathroom soon. I even chose the colors, because they were unable to even imagine what colors to pick.

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