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How do I get prescribed Xanax from the pharmacy?

Asked by skateangel (321points) November 1st, 2012

I have no idea how to get it. My mom told me I need a note from the doctor to get it (which I don’t have) but I was wondering if I could just walk in, or call, and order it? Wouldn’t they have my information on the computer?

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Sometimes your primary care physician is able to provide you with an rx. However, s/he may just refer you to a psychiatrist, who will evaluate your needs and provide an rx.

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Hold on, are you saying you have been prescribed Xanax and you’re not sure how to get it from the pharmacy? Or you don’t have a prescription at all?

You need a prescription, so if you don’t have one you need to see a doctor who can prescribe it. Like @tom_g said this may be a PCP but might have to be a psychiatrist.

If you have a script, and it’s a new med for you, your doctor should call it into the pharmacy and you can walk in and pick it up. If it’s a new pharmacy they won’t have your info in the computer, so bring your insurance card. If you’ve gotten anything from them before you should be all set.

If it’s not a new med and you just need a refill, first make sure you have refills on it. Then you can just call and order the refill yourself. If you don’t have refills left you need to call your doctor and ask for one. He may want to see you before providing.

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You can’t get Xanax without a prescription. And more importantly, you need a doctor to diagnose you with something than warrants a Xanax prescription. You can’t just decide on your own that you need it and then go buy some – it’s not Ibuprofen.

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You need a prescription for Xanax from your doctor. Then you take the prescription to the pharmacy and get it filled.

1. Make an appointment with your doctor.

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It looks to me as if this OP were not asking “How do I get (have) Xanax prescribed?” but “How do I get (obtain) Xanax that has already been prescribed?” Even at that, it isn’t clear if this is a new prescription or a refill of an existing prescription.

@skateangel, people who are trying to help you need a little clarification before they can steer you correctly.

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Yes, Xanax is prescription only and your doctor must supply the Rx.
My doctor gives it to me when I travel on long flights, he laughs and says he takes it too. haha
It is a controlled substance and can be addictive if abused, but it is very effective for anxiety related issues, like long plane flights and crappy divorces.

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Hi everyone,
Sorry I meant I had already been given a prescription for it – just don’t know how
to actually get the medication.

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^^ Bring the rx to your pharmacy. They will fill it.

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Take it to the pharmacy and they’ll fill it for you. Only the doctor’s office can call it in unless it’s a refill. It probably won’t take long, you can wait for it.

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You should also be prepared to show insurance information if it’s not already in their computer records.

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Pharmacists don’t write prescriptions. They only fill them for the doctors, as everyone here has said. Xanax is habit-forming, so reputable doctors are very careful who they give prescriptions to and for what.

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How do I get the Rx? :/

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@skateangel: So you have a prescription or you do not have a prescription?

You said your mom said to get a note from the doctor. You mean your mom told you to get a prescription from the doctor? You are giving conflicting information here.

If you have an issue, you to go the doctor and discuss it with him. You can’t specify “I want Xanax.” You tell a doctor what your symptoms are and he makes a decision about what he feels you need.

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@skateangel I guess you would have to go to the doctor and convince him that you have some kind of anxiety disorder or nervous condition.

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@skateangel: “How do I get the Rx? :/”


@skateangel: “Sorry I meant I had already been given a prescription for it – just don’t know how to actually get the medication.”

This is getting strange.

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@skateangel An Rx is the same thing as a prescription…it’s just a different word for it.

If you have a NEW prescription (Rx), you take it to the pharmacy with your insurance card and they’ll fill it for you.

If you have been given a prescription in the past and have refills available, call the pharmacy that has the prescription and ask then to fill it and you can pick it up.

If you were given a prescription in the past but it is old or has no refills, you’ll have to call the doctor’s office and most likely make an appointment so he can evaluate you and maybe give you another prescription for Xanax so you can fill it at the pharmacy.

You’re confusing us here. Either you have a prescription or you don’t. With no prescription, you can’t get the medication. With a prescription, you can. Simple. :)

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@skateangel Did your doctor email the prescription to the pharmacy perchance? Do you have a regular pharmacy you go to?

One of my doctors doesn’t give out a physical prescription. When I’m in his office he asks which pharmacy I want him to have the prescription filled at, and he sends it via his laptop during my appointment.

^^^Is this what you’re saying happened? Did you already have a doctor’s appointment?

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@skateangel: Fluther is here to help you, however, if you give conflicting information, we cannot. Please be clear about what the situation is in order to receive an accurate answer.

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Let’s be clear:

“Rx” stands for “prescription.”

Let’s use the term ”get a prescription (Rx)” to mean having a doctor order medication, either by writing the order on a piece of paper or by having the order phoned into the pharmacy of your choice.

Let’s use the term ”fill a prescription” to mean what a pharmacist does: accesses the pharmacy’s supply of medications and packages the right amount of the right thing for the patient (customer)—you.

Let’s use the term ”pick up the prescription” for going to the pharmacy and actually physically obtaining the medication in the bottle or package or box that the pharmacist has prepared for you.

Now: do you want to get a prescription (get an order from a doctor) or pick up a prescription (go to a pharmacy and collect the medication and pay for it)?

Surely your mother can help you with this?

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Lord, I think I need a Xanax reading through all this. Fluthers little helper. lol

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So your doctor said he was prescribing it but didn’t give you a slip of paper to bring to the pharmacy? There’s one of two things going on here, he forgot to write the script, or his office called it in for you. I think what you need to do is call their office and clarify what happened.

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OMG. We will all need xanax soon.

1. If your doctor gave you a prescription (sheet of paper with the drug written on it) go to the drug store, go to the back of the store where the pharmacy is and hand it in to the person working there. It usually says “drop off.” You can ask them how long it will take if you wait. You can decide whether to wait for it, or come back later or the next day if the wait is a long time.

2. If your doctor called in the prescription, I would assume you gave them the phone number of the drug store you use. If the case is they called it in, or sent it over the computer, then you go to the store, back to the pnarmacy desk where it usually says “pick up” give them your name and they should have it for you.

3. If you just want to take xanax, then you must talk to a doctor first and see if he will prescribe it for you.

Now, which of the three is your situation?

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I love my Xanax. I only take it when I have to fly for over 4 hours or have major dental work done though. Couple of those babies and I don’t care where I am or what they’re doing to me!

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@rooeytoo Haha..I agree. I haven’t needed to take any since my last overseas flight a few years ago now, but man…they are what kept me functional 10 years ago when I was in process of divorcing my ex husband and working for the worlds most insane boss ever. If not for the Xanax during that time I might have ended up murdering a couple of people.
The ” whatever” effect is truly a gift. lol

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@skateangel ??? Okay, you have a perscription and don’t know how to get it filled? Have you tried going to a pharmacy and handing it to the pharmacist?

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