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Good place to get a tetnus shot in west los angeles?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) April 13th, 2010

i have a phobia of doctors/medicine but slightly cut my head yesterday and everyone says i need a tetnus shot. i don’t have a primary physician – would ideally like to find one convenient to the west side, who is trustworthy and would be understanding of my anxiety. any suggestions?

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Look in your phone book and call your nearest non-profit hospital. Explain your situation, and ask for their advice.

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You should really have a primary physician, and it is not a trivial decision. May I suggest that you consult Consumer Report’s guide to selecting a family doctor?

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Oh, also, I recommend the arm as a good place.

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I used to pass out often at the doctor’s. I lost part of a finger at age 1, I think the smell of disinfectants triggers an awful memory.

Anyway, at some point I accepted the fact instead of fearing it, and started telling the doctors & nurses, “I should lie down for this shot/blood sample/whatever so you don’t have to catch me. I usually pass out.” Everybody was always very understanding, and probably appreciated the warning.

The problem went away many years ago, but I still tell them I used to pass out a lot. Maybe saying it out loud defeats the fear.

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A guy named Louie.

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This is like asking where you can buy groceries. Get over anxiety about going to a doctor’s office. Life will bring you bigger problems eventually.

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Louie asks no questions and accepts all forms of insurance.

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@dpworkin Drat, you beat me to it. Beats the butt every time. :-)

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