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Do you have a high school reunion horror story?

Asked by gondwanalon (15334points) November 2nd, 2012

I went to my first high school reunion last week. It was called the “60th Birthday Bash”. It was fun to see some old friends who seemed much friendlier than I remembered them 42 years ago.

Anyway, here’s what happened to me: At the Home Coming football game I struck up a conversation with a very familiar looking old guy who I thought might have been on our old football team. He told me that he never went to my high school but his wife did. The next evening at a formal dinner I vomited on the table from trying to talk and eat at the same time.

So What about you?

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This was not really a horror story, but it could have been.
At my wife’s 10 year reunion I was met a very interesting classmate of hers. She sat next to me at the table and during the meal began touching me under the table, involving feet, legs and hands. I mean, really forward, arousing stuff. I figured I should not make a scene and she was probably a little drunk so I ignored it – except for the expected involuntary reaction below my waist.
It was weird but I continued to carry on conversation above the table just like nothing was happening. As did she. Anyway at one point the subject of marriage come up and my wife said how long we had been married. suddenly the friend stopped short and said to her in a loud voice, “Married?! You’re married to him?! I have been playing footsie with him all night.”
It was nice while it lasted.

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I have never attended a HS reunion. I graduated in 1977 sooo…lets see, this year would have been 35 years. Not my thing at all. I couldn’t wait to get out of HS and the few people from my past I am still in touch with is good enough for me. I could care less what became of everyone else. lol

I did sign up for “” a few years ago on a whim and one old classmate/friend contacted me to try and solicit me for some hokey home biz. thing she was involved in. Oh the irony, I dumped this woman about 25 years ago because she was a pushy and moronic person. Clearly she had not changed at all, dumb as a box of rocks and always into some stupid scheme. haha

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I read the question as “Do you have a high school horror story?” and was prepared to reply by saying that all of it was a horror story. Needless to say, I’ll never attend a high school reunion. I couldn’t stand those people then, and I can’t stand them now. I only speak to one person from high school, and I have no desire to see any of the others again.

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Well, hubby and I woke up in the tiny town in Wisconsin, near where I grew up, the day of our reunion to hear the news from Norway, where we now live, that a mad man had blown up a section of Oslo city and had opened fire at a youth camp killing many kids. It was hard to socialise that night and I think I ended up just drinking too much.

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I want to hear more about @gondwanalon vomiting on the table while talking and eating. I guess it’s a guy thing, can’t multi-task well ey? lol
Now myself, I could still find a way to talk without vomiting even if you were feeding me spoonfuls of peanut butter. haha

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@Coloma Well everyone around me kept asking me questions which as I said, caused me to do more talking than eating. I noticed that people were finishing their food faster than me. They were almost finished and I still had a lot of food on my plate. So I just started shoveling in the food and then I noticed that the food was stuck down deep in my throat. So I figured that I’d drink some water to force the food down which only caused a lot of pain. I thought that this can’t be happening as I started to get up to head for the bathroom then suddenly it all came up. I think that I vomited only the food that was lodged in my throat (which was quit a bit). The room got quiet and one guy tried to break the ice by saying are going to eat that. I was so embarrassed as all eyes were suddenly on me and my vomit and no one could leave until they got their checks so people threw their napkins at me to clean it up. A guy who may have been the manager came over to me to ask it I wanted to “talk about it” with him. I said no thank you I don’t have anything at all to say about anything.

FYI: I work in a profession that is all about multitasking and it is also dominated by women. I’m as good as most of the best with multitasking.

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