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Filling out Christmas cards as a young, single adult woman?

Asked by Politically (32points) November 3rd, 2012

This is the first Christmas I’m out of my parents’ house and pocketbooks. I’m sure no one in my family expects me to send cards, but I think it’d be a nice surprise. Normally I would ask my mom for advice on this sort of social nicety: However, I want to surprise her too. I know the basics of obviously addressing the cards themselves.

But what should I put in them? What kind of message? Should I include a picture? I know many people typically include pictures of their family, however, that’s not really an option. I feel like putting a picture of just myself would be egotistical. Would a group of me and my friends, my “family” here, be appropriate? Is there anything else I should consider before sealing and sending them off (after Thanksgiving, of course)

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I think that would be a great idea. Even things as simple as a card (especially to parents) can have sentimental value and I would suggest writing a peronal messege in each because, Happy Holidays or just Merry Christmas can come off as lazy. Welcome to Fluther

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Welcome to Fluther! I have been doing Christmas cards since I was a teen, and I really enjoy choosing the annual card that I most like of all the choices out there. I put personal notes in the cards to people that I rarely speak to, and the rest, I will just write “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” Last few years, since I have a child, I will send a card that has her photo on it. These cards are pre-printed with our names on them, but I may still throw in a personal note to people I don’t keep in touch with too often.

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If it was me, I would skip the picture. I would just write a short, personal message on each one.

For those you see often, just something like: “Wishing you wonderful and joyous holidays.” or “Looking forward to seeing you during the holidays.” (Or substitute Christmas if that is appropriate.)

For those, you don’t see often, then a brief catch-up on your life: “This holiday season (or Christmas if appropriate) finds me living on my own and working as a __________ at _________. I will be going home for a few days to see the family. Hope this card finds you well and happy.”

For acquaintances or professional contacts, stick to “Wishing you joyous holidays” and sign your name,

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A picture of you and your group of friends would be nice.
I love getting those photo copied letters that say what has happened in your life over the last year too.

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I like the ritual of the holiday card and have made mine even though that’s a bit of work.
I pick the most beautiful photo I took during the prior year, usually some flower and select paper that complements it. Sometimes two or three different photos are selected and a portion of the year’s cards are made with each. This allows me to send a different picture to multiple members of the same family (e.g. parents get one and their grown child gets a different one).

My wife is a better graphic artist than I, though, and since we have been married she designs the card (usually with my photo) and they are lovely.

Inside we put a one-sheet photo-collage of pics from the year’s experiences.
Most, but not all, of the pics are my shots and my wife does the design of the collage.

We used to print them ourselves at home but the quality of inexpensive color printing is much better than it used to be and we have the card’s photo and the collage insert printed professionally.

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Picture – no. Handwrite a short, personalized message for each one. If you can’t write something specific for the person, perhaps that person shouldn’t be on your Christmas card list.

It’s very nice of you to start this tradition as soon as you’ve left home – I’m sure your friends and family will be pleasantly surprised!

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I usually send a picture of my dog in my Christmas cards to my closest relatives, and just the card to others. I just sign it “Love, Chyna”.

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So it seems like some people think a picture is a good choice, others, not so much. I want to include something in the cards besides just a message: So either a picture, or perhaps something arts and crafts-y? It would have to be pretty flat though, as obviously I’m sending letters and not packages.

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@Politically: Approximately how many people are on your list? You can be as clever and creative as you want to. I am not particularly too individiual, other than the note for people i rarely talk to, just because my list has grown to about 60 people, and I usually end up doing them last minute, with all the other holiday stuff going on (and now I do them at work, after hours, just because of the large desk and space there).

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A lady that sends me a card every year includes a poem or a verse that means something to her that particular year. You could do something like that too.

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If the picture is just a portrait, that could be weird. If it is funny or interesting then it might be great.

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@Judi I agree. The only photos I get in Christmas cards are portraits. These invariably elicit an eyeroll and a “What am I supposed to do with this? Keep it on the mantle forever?” I don’t need to see a picture of the sender to remember who they are – if I did… seriously, they shouldn’t be sending me a card.

But yeah, if the picture is more creative, is relevant to something written in the card, or of something that made the sender think of me – awesome. The bottom line is, make it personal, or don’t bother. Because otherwise, it’s just a reminder of how un-personal it is. No one wants that at Christmas (if they ever do).

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I love getting cards that say “thinking of you at Christmas” from friends and family. Additional personal notes are really appreciated. A picture of yourself is going overboard.

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Thank you all for the responses!

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