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Which ring looks the best?

Asked by sarynjumail (10points) November 5th, 2012

I want to propose to my girlfriend and I don’t know which to get. She’s a very simple girl, and we have talked about rings, neither of us want anything extravagant, and she wants something really simple, and absolutely no diamonds.
She has bigger hands, so I know if I get something tiny it will be hardly noticeable. Help!


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I like the amethyst, but your not proposing to me.

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If she is simple, then I guess bright colors won’t be her thing. I would choose amethyst or perhaps even topaz. But we don’t know the girl so it is hard to say. All the very best to you both!

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I like the sapphire best. Simple and classy. The topaz is cool too.

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Because of her larger hands, I like the triangular sapphire.

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I like the sapphire.

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I beg you to take a step back and reconsider what you’re doing. Your lovely lady has to wear the damn thing for the rest of her life if you get lucky. If a man, even a man I loved dearly, did not involve me in the process, I’d feel cursed, not gifted. An engagement shouldn’t be a surprise. Hopefully, it’s a decision between two people. Why should she be in the dark? I’m sure there’s a color, a stone, a cut or a setting she prefers…one that she’s dreamed about.

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@sarynjumail Carol had the right answer. Take her with you. But damn, I love #3. That’s so nice.

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I like the second sapphire the triangular one and the last link which I believe is misplaced and is actually the topaz and not the amethyst.

I also would want to pick my ring though, as others mentioned above.

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It’s easier to like something if you have nothing to compare it to.

Now, if she has something in her head she is comparing it to, you either get that right or you don’t. If she’s a nice person, she’ll be polite, and never tell you she had something else in mind.

I have to say I agree with @Carol. Do this together and you will find something you are both happy with.

Or do it the traditional way, and she can look at it and decide whether she wants to marry you either because of it or despite it. Frankly, I’m not sure which is worse. I’m not a big fan of this tradition. My wife and I had our rings designed and made just for us. At the time they were made, there were unique. Later on, the jeweler made more of them, but I haven’t ever seen anyone with rings that move in three dimensions.

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This is a decision that should be made by the one who will wear the ring and no one else. Do not make this extremely important decision without her input.

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Hey everyone, I took your advice and showed her some rings earlier, we settled on this one. She was completely shocked that I started pulling them up and it was amazing.
Thanks for not letting me make the decision without her. She didn’t like any of the rings I chose!

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Thanks for letting us know! Doing things together is usually the most fun.

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Oh, how beautiful, thanks for the update.

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I’d take her along because different stones look different on different skins. I tried on a bunch of them and only an amethyst looked really nice against my skin. Fortunately, that’s my birthstone.

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@sarynjumail Good job. That’s beautiful. She has great taste, in a lot of ways.:)

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The only one that doesnt look like a cheesy birthstone ring is the amethyst.

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