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What is the best dream or worst nightmare that you've recently had?

Asked by DigitalBlue (7072points) November 6th, 2012

I had a dream last night that my dog’s tongue fell out, and it scared me enough to wake me up…. and I promptly invited her up on my pillow. I still can’t shake the awful feeling it gave me.

I have a lot of nightmares, but this is the one that shook me up the most, recently. Any other jellies have interesting dreams this week?

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I usually can not remember my dreams, at least not in detail.

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Can’t say I can top my dog’s tongue falling out. I have had some rather interesting sex dreams of late, but all parts stayed attached.

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I dreamed that I was in a locked psychiatric ward and had to prove that I was sane. No matter what I did, no-one would believe me. This was last night and I get shivers thinking about it because I have been in that position and it is too frightening to think that I would be back in that situation.

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Not really a dream, but I got sleep paralysis again recently – no matter what you say, the “next time” it happens will scare you shitless. Tried moving or shouting for what seemed like a very long time before my body snapped back from standby mode. An amazing feeling.

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@fremen_warrior it is truly terrifying.

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The reason I was up at 5:00 this morning (and in line to vote at 6:00) is the dream that startled me awake.

I was driving to work. When I turned on to the normal road I’d take, it was a train track. There was a train coming. I backed up to turn around and avoid it, and the car collapsed into a hole that apparently was one of those car compactors that turns your Crown Vic into a can of sardines.

Or in this case, a can of Crushed Kolinahr.

Scared the crap out of me.

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^ I’ve always had really vivid, weird dreams. I need to start turning them into scripts.

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Not sure if it was a good dream or a nightmare, but it was very vivid and memorable. I was back in Paris, on my last day in the town. I was telling everyone there that I just had to go to the U.S. for a few months to write grants so I could come back. Had to pass through some linguistic interview just as a formality, and it was a joke. I got distracted and went off to look for the gentleman of whom I am enamored, but couldn’t find the little bastard anywhere.
My unconscious sure is transparent at times!

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Even though I’m sad when I wake up, I consider this one a good dream. I’ve had the same one three times since my dear cat passed over the summer.

I walk into a room and there she is, curled up on my bed as natural as anything. At first I am bewildered, must be a hallucination, but I reach out a hand and she’s real and I can’t understand. But then I decide “you know what, I’m not going to question it, I’m just going to enjoy it” and I pet and cuddle her, all the while fully expecting her to just disappear at any moment.

I’m not a “spiritual” person but it always feels like she’s paying me a visit when I have those dreams.

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I find I have some really really bizare dreams, especially during 1–2hr naps. (probably always have them but these are the ones I tend to remember.)

The most recent one I had was I was somehow chosen to fly a one man shuttle to some distant planet to explore it. It was a very basic all white shuttle with only three controls inside. Two were like on a boats throttle controls and the other was a turn knob. The shuttle had a small bed inside, a desk, chair and that was it. The ship could also be collapsed for easy transport.(like those blow up jumpy things for kids) I remember flying to the planet but when I got there I was unsure of how to land so I set myself in orbit around one of its moons that was covered in water and waiting for contact from earth for more directions on how to land it. For some reason I wasn’t taught how to do this before take off. While in orbit the ship started spinning out of control and I remember thinking no big deal I’m in space, no gravity, whatever. I then recieved the instructions on ow to land and proceeded toward the planet. All of a sudden I realized i was coming in too fastand I realized I was seeing trees below me and houses much like earth. I managed to land without crashing and realized I was actually in a town near my house somehow.

When I landed I got out and secured the ship and then contacted space control and asked for a pick up. They didn’t believe I ever actually left earth , no one there believed me except for one guy and my fiance. Since the ship was undamaged they allowed me to try the mission again.

The next week I set out again. Once again I made it to this planet at the edge of our solar system and that took a month to travel to. Once again upon entering the planets atmosphere I found myself on earth except this time on re-entry some auto defense system fired a missle at my ship. At the last second I disengaged the back of the ship, saving me and allowing for a safe landing. This time I landed somehow in the woods 20 min from my house. Again I called space control to get picked up. This time no one had memory of either of my attempts except for that same guy and my fiance. Everyone thought I was making the whole thing up.

I agrued that there must be some sort of wormhole that kept seding me back to earth, especially since I kept getting sent back to essentially the same area on this giant planet. I asked if there were any cameras aboard the ship that would prove it but there weren’t so I said I wanted to go again, except this time with cameras and a small crew but they wouldn’t allow it.

I remember fighting to be able to go again and finally after all these issues they allowed me to make the voyage one last time. And then I woke up…

I have some weird dreams lol

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Last night there was lots of little Skye Terriers in my dream. As they are my favourite breed, I enjoyed the dream a lot.

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Damn it! I don’t remember any dreams, good or bad. Yesterday a friend of mine told me about a dream in which she had an orgasm. I was green with jealousy.

It’s gotten so bad that sometimes I even invent dreams for fluther to interpret, just because I feel so left out.

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I like had this dream where we were supposed to like turn in our research paper, but I left it at home and forgot to print it out and stuff.

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@wundayatta No dreaming most likely means you sleep deeply and soundly. That’s a good thing.

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@JLeslie Really? I always find I dream/remember my dreams more when I’ve slept well. I might just be weird though.

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@Mariah The person who cared for me during my sleep study agreed that if you remember a dream you most likely woke up during your sleep. I asked her about it.

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@JLeslie Weird! Thanks for the interesting info.

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Just this morning, for the first time, I had a dream with Obama in it. We were lying on the couch side by side. Him wearing black pants, white long sleeves and tie. And some guy was giving him medals, one after the other, for his accomplishments.

I stood up, walked down the hall, turned left at the corner and saw through open doors what should be a private screening room. A sound tech seemed to be testing the audio quality in the room.

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Yikes last night I had a bad one. I was having sex with my brother. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oh wwwwwhhhhhyyyy!!!!

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I had a dream last week that my g/f was being hit on by a big, nasty bulldyke. Scared the both of us (in my dream).

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A couple weeks ago I had a nightmare that someone kept breaking into our house and following us wherever we went. No matter where we were, we couldn’t shake them, and we weren’t safe anywhere. They had the opportunity to kill us at any time, but for some reason they were holding off. Normally I can shake off a nightmare within moments of waking, but this most recent one really terrified me for a good bit before I could get back to sleep.

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@Mariah I should add she wasn’t the doctor she was the sleep something or other, but I would be pretty sure she knows when the EEG shows wakefulness, and they video everything while you are in the bedroom. I only remember my dreams when I wake up from them, but some people tell me they don’t wake up and still can remember. I don’t know if they are incorrect, many people are very bad at estimating how much they sleep, or, if they really do remember their dreams without waking up.

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I have recurring dreams that my kids and my husband are back home.

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I can’t really dream so maybe that is a good thing. A nightmare scenario I often dread is me spilling a gallon of paint, oh I would shit if I did that.

And it finally happened last week. Sitting on the tailgate of my truck was the single and when I hopped down out of the bed ,my shoe heel must have caught it and dropped it in the driveway. And the lid popped off. At least I didn’t shit.

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I just dreamt that I was taking a class with GRAHAM CHAPMAN
(Even though he probably spoke French like a Spanish cow)
I didn’t want to wake up :’-(

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I wouldn’t want to, either, @bookish1

Le sigh.

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