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Can I cut a cable wire?

Asked by sjg102379 (1230points) July 1st, 2007

I have a long cable wire sticking out of the wall of my bedroom left over from the last owners. I don't have cable and keep tripping over the wire. Can I just cut it? And if so, with what kind of tool?

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probably best just to feed it into the hole, if possible. you may want it later. but, if you're sure you won't, then,yes, you can.

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Let's hope it isn't a live electricity cable... I once witnessed a cutting of such a cable. It literally exploded and left a hole in the knife, too.
You better call some professionals to deal with the thing.

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If it’s a regular old coaxial cable used for cable tv, and you are positive you won’t be needing it, AND that the service has been completely disconnected, plus it won’t violate any lease or occupancy provisions, you SHOULD be able to cut it using wire cutters.

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Yes you can simply cut the wire with any wire cutter.Cable wire is not so hard you can easily cut it with any type of wire cutter tool.

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