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What can I do to improve TV signal?

Asked by Smashley (8007points) 1 week ago

I’ve got a decent Winegard rooftop antenna, about 28 feet off the ground, pointed toward a distant city, and unfortunately, a forest.

I’m trying to catch several signals in the 50–70 mile range, but just can’t seem to with any consistency. The one I do get only works in the morning and night, and never during medium bad weather. I’ve adjusted the direction, and bought a cheapish signal amplifier, but nothing gets better. Even nearby channels work poorly at times.

Is the forest just blocking too much signal? Could a strong nearby FM broadcast be interfering? What’s with that channel that only works from 8pm-8am? What should I try next?

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Can you get a satellite dish? Like a death Star? Or can you get cable or watch tv through your internet?

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Get a amplified antenna. They plug into a 110v. outlet. I had to get one for my FM receiver and it did the trick!

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We have a plug-in signal booster and tall antenna. Works great and cheap.

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Thanks all. I’ve gone with the well recommended 20 buck amplifier and didn’t notice a difference. I know there’s higher quality units but I dont want to spend if it won’t really help.

@RedDeerGuy1 I’m not interested in paying a monthly bill for these channels. I get pbs, and usually a couple networks. If I can get these further channels, I’ll be set for sports.

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You have already done the basics so I will suggest some other possibilities.
Are your outlets properly grounded? Is the TV grounded well? If something has an unpolarized plug, plugging it in in the other direction can have an effect.
If the antenna amplifier grounded? Is the housing attached to a good ground?
Are the contacts at the antenna in good shape? Can you disconnect it,blow compressed air on it, and reconnect?

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Mount a amplified antenna up where the other tall antenna is and then splice the two cables together at the TV or with a coax splicer.
For precise alignment of the antenna, use a compass and map. Also, turn the antenna back and forth with someone watching the TV who can tell you when the reception is best.

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Try moving the antenna around that should work.

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Thanks for the help. I’m adding another ground I’d skimped on, but need to wait a couple days for better weather.

@kritiper – will adding an amplified antenna produce a better signal than either antenna alone? Is an amplified antenna different than an antenna plus a separate amplifier, like I’m already using?

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