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Which hand do you pour medicine with?

Asked by shrubbery (10326points) June 6th, 2008

Do you hold the spoon in your preferred hand and pour with your non preferred? Spills could easily occur if your hand is shaking the bottle! Do you hold the spoon with your non preferred hand and pour with your preferred hand? Steady bottle and fairly steady hand if you’re holding it still but then when you go to put it in your mouth, ah! You could put the bottle down and pass the spoon into your preferred hand but that’s risky too! What do you do?

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I don’t use a spoon, I use a medicine cup.

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Well, either or. I suppose it would be much easier with a specialised cup though, less likely to spill I assume, as it would have higher sides? haha I’m just being silly.

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i never have the need for medicine, honoustly, i’ve never taken any medicine with a spoon, bit if…i’d hold the spoon with my preferred hand, i have steady hands

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i really hardly take liquid medicine, but if i do i just guesstimate and drink it from the bottle, probably a bad thing, but whatever

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I screw on a baby bottle nipple and nurse myself to sleep. mmm…delsym

More dextromethorphan than the average bottle of cough syrup.

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I drink from the bottle with my right hand and take a spoon full of sugar with my left.

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oi, brit, with a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine g down…aah, julie andrews made it sound so ok

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now that song will be stuck in my head for days. argh!

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Then it was all worth it ;)
and I sincerely hope iwamoto isn’t suggesting I’m British..?

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Which would be worse, suggesting you were British or suggesting your name was Brittany?

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I’m almost stumped…...I suppose the only almost redeeming part of that is that you’re not suggesting one of the many chav-tastic spellings!!

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to answer your question, i would use my preferred hand (right hand) to pour and my left hand to hold the spoon. i am not ambidextrous but my left hand is steady enough to hold the spoon and i am quite the slob when it comes to pouring which is why i need the preferred hand to be doing the pouring!

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I pour with my dominant hand, which is the right, and hold the spoon or medicine cup in the left.

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I don’t, I use my left foot. What can I say my mom was old when she had me

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I don’t think I’ve ever used a spoon for medicine, but I’ve measured out liquid ingredients for cooking and I always pour with my non-preferred hand and hold the spoon with my preferred.

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