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What can I do about postal mail not being delivered/arriving?

Asked by Syger (1384points) October 23rd, 2009

Specifically; the past 3 letters (in a row) to and/or from my girlfriend have not reached their destinations of me or her.
If this were a one time thing I wouldn’t be so upset, but to happen 3 times in a row like this raises suspicion and some anger—as I was to receive something very important a week ago and there’s still been no sign of it.
I’ve tried googling for things I can do about this but haven’t really found much of anything helpful. Our regular mail has been working fine, and every other letter I’ve sent out in the time period has gone through problem-free.
Advice please? :D

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It is not likely to be the post office. It is far more likely that the mail in being intercepted by a third party.

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The US postal service is very good about getting mail to and from destinations.
The likelihood of them loosing successive pieces of mail to you is almost nil.
Something else is happening.
If your girlfriend is the other sender/recipient in each of these situations, it’s likely she’s not doing something.

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Talk to AstroChuck!

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Call the post office, maybe other people are losing mail. There might be a problem at a certain distribution point? Maybe has a link to “complain.” Our postal system is very good overall, I think they will be responsive.

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Call the post office. I had to do that once. They may not be able to find your mail, but they can research the postal route for other complaints or trends.

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Is your girlfriend married to her postal carrier?

If not, “USPS did not deliver” = “the dog ate my homework” .

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Do you happen to live in Pontiac, Michigan ?

My only solution was to move. This is the only place I have ever lived where I’ve experienced mail not being delivered consistently. This happened to me with all kinds of mail both business and personal. I called them numerous times and stopped in several times all to no avail.

The only thing I could figure is one of those rogue type of mail carriers you read about who just take bags of mail and not deliver it or put it in a dumpster. Any other place I’ve ever lived had extremely reliable service. Except Pontiac. Now that I’ve moved life is back to normal.

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get a UPS box and change your mailing address to match.

then you ‘get to’ pick it up yourself

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In my case an x delivers in the station I receive mail from. That person is in coherts with workers and tampers with my mail on a regular basis. I need to complain outside of their station.

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