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What question should @filmfann have me ask?

Asked by Blondesjon (33658points) November 7th, 2012

Some time ago I bet @filmfann that Obama would not win a second term. Considering the alternative, thank God/Allah/Buddah/TomCruise that I was wrong. The terms of the bet were that the loser had to pose a question to the Collective that the winner had authored.

Now it’s time for me to pay up. I’m sure @filmfann will appreciate your input.

please bear in mind that even a willfully ignorant troll such as myself has feelings too

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Other than my blatant disregard for Barack Obama’s being deserving of a second term, what do you think is the trait that I need to work on the most to be a better human bean?

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Do you think these slacks make my butt look BIG? ~ ~ ~ ~

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How quickly would I become finacially bankrupt if I wagered on the betting tips of an online lush?
Just jerkin ya chain…a little.

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“How could I become a better person?”

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If I were @filmfann I’d ask you to humbly ask why you couldn’t see the demographics stacked against Mitt Romney back when the bet was made. Look at the demographic reality of the outcome. Obama won a landslide among all voters of color, all Americans 30 and under, and women in general. The only demographic Romney performed well with was older white males. And they aren’t making lots more of us. We’re a fast-fading memory of what America once was.

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@ETpro does that mean they’re going to start putting you in reservations too?

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@ETpro . . . This bet was made when the Republicans were still trying to find a nominee. Not that your answer couldn’t easily apply to anyone in that trailer park freak show.

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All I know for sure is that should include the words frizzer, pancake, knock it the fuck off and goddamnit we care.

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@Dr_C I still have my reservations about being put out to pasture. I’ve got some working years left in me before I go quietly into the night.

@Blondesjon Ha! Great point. They had a super-secret study back in 2010 to figure out what the demographics of the next election would be. They called it… the Census. But only the most politically tuned were parsing the 2010 Census and drawing the demographic conclusions about how to win an election back when your bet was made. To many, it appeared a freak show from the circus was just what was required to win.

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As I recall, one of the conditions of the bet was that you could not reveal the bet, so the question posed could be quite heinous.
The question is almost ready, but now I will wait a bit so everyone doesn’t immediately say “Oh, that must be the question from losing the bet!”.

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Could be this question…What would Bo’s poo tastes like if I imagine eating it-?
Aaaaaarggh!!!! I know, that was just despicable. Sorry.

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I would go with, “Why does everyone in my family suck at making bets?”

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“How did I get such a great wife?”

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Actually, that ^^ is a pretty good question.

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Why would a self appointed movie fan google most of their information?

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Is the Pope Catholic?

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When are you going to fix the water heater? :P

(oops, that’s what I’d ask)

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How can a guy who is outwardly so crass and belligerent both speak sweet nothings in Finnish and love llamas?

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Who put the bomp in the bomp de bomp de bomp?

Where’s the beef?


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