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Anybody know what bookmakers' odds are on the outcome of the presidential election?

Asked by Jeruba (50610points) September 29th, 2016

Bookies’ odds might be a pretty good indicator of how things are stacking up.

You don’t have to tell us how you know.

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As of a moment ago:

But these are constantly changing.

And note that this is a UK betting site, which may or may not include US bettors.

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“The Iowa Electronic Markets is a futures market run for research and teaching purposes. Traders can buy and sell real-money contracts based on their belief about the outcome of an election or other event. Using this “wisdom of crowds,” the price of a contract at any given time is a forecast of the outcome.”

Iowa Electronic Markets

Latest prices for the US 2016 presidential election are:
Dem 0.525
Rep 0.475

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Loto-Quebec (our provincial gambling authority, no need for secrecy here) is offering 1.35–1 that the Democratic Party will win, 2.45–1 that the Republican Party will win, and 35–1 that any third party will win. The primaries were more interesting.

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He’s not really a bookmaker, but Nate Silver is a statistical analyst whose website, Five Thirty Eight is running a statistical forecast which is updated several times daily.

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