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Are you happy with the results of the 2012 election?

Asked by kimchi (1432points) November 8th, 2012

Are you happy with the president, governor, etc.?

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Yes generally. I’m a white male but I don’t want to be represented by a party that only caters to white males. We are such a diverse country, lets indulge in the diversity.

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If so, why and what?

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Yes and no. Obama’s lead should have been much more pronounced.

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I was almost 100% pleased. The one flaw was California NOT getting rid of the death penalty. Guess I can’t have it my way all the time.

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I am relieved at the national level, but very disappointed in my little town. The middle-aged white guys still rule here.

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Yes, I am. At the national and state levels, I am very happy. One referendum I did not vote for passed, but I can live with it.

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Yes. The only thing that would have made me happier, realistically speaking, was if Bachmann was defeated. I’m actually surprised at how well Democrats did in Congress considering all the GOP Super Pac money.

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Todd Akin? Legitimately defeated.
Richard Mourdock? Sorry man, must have been God’s will.
George “Macaca Man” Allen? Looks like Virginia is no country for old racists.

These defeats are as meaningful to me as the many victories that I was hoping to see. It is not enough, after all, to get a few good people in. We must also get the ignorant and the hateful out.

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Extremely. This is the first election that I was able to vote in, and I feel that my voice was heard. Everyone that I voted for was elected into office, and all of the referendums that I voted for were successful (most importantly same-sex marriage and the Dream Act in Maryland). I am proud to say that I have helped make history in Maryland and in the United States as a whole.

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Nationally, I am not sure if happy is the right word. I am glad the Ryan/Romney ticket did not win but I will not be happy unless or until Obama starts being the leftist he is accused of being.
Statewise I have nothing to be excited about. I have a patronizing state senator (Cornyn) who would never represent my view and we just sent Tea Party stooge Ted Cruz up to Washington. But, on the bright side (and yes, I am being facetious) he is willing to compromise with Obama if Obama does things the way that Cruz thinks they should be done.
Locally, Every single candidate elected to every single office was a Republican. Big Whoop.

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I am happier with this one then I was in 2008. And I was really happy in 2008. I feel that this election isn’t just Obama winning, but a ideology being bitch-slapped into irrelevance.

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Having had 16 consecutive years of Republicans (1982–1998) governing Big Blue, I feel your pain.
How the hell did Big Red go from Ann Richards to Rick Perry?

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Because the Democratic party does not understand the redneck mentality. The majority of them are not bad people but they hate to be told how to do something or that what they honestly believe is wrong. Most have a love of the land but do not like “environmentalists” telling them what is best for it. They also like to think of themselves as independent and that, unfortunately, means if you say it is white, they will say it is black even if they know it is wrong; you have to get them and let them to say it is white and agree with them. They are actually a very generous and giving bunch but they do detest welfare and the welfare state but nobody has bothered to ask them what it will take to fix it. They listen to Perry because he understands how to manipulate them. He is not one of them but he has the ability to make them believe he is. They would follow another Ann Richards if the Dems would give them someone like her; they loved her and her downhominess. She was also one tough broad and they respected that.

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Very happy, yes.

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From the frozen North, I offer a great big BOOYA to America. :)

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I’m not too thrilled with how the House seats panned out here in Ohio, or in neighboring Pennsylvania. Dems won the statewide ballots in both states by margins over 50%, so it would stand to reason that the House seats would be near 50% Democratic. But the Republicans in control of both state houses gerrymandered the bejesus out of the map, and the end result was 12/4 Republican/Dem in Ohio and 13/5 in Pennsylvania. Not a very representative composition when over half the people voted Democratic.

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Apart from the fact that my illiterate douchebag state still can’t figure out how to count on its fingers, I’m pretty stoked about the whole thing.

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I am HAPPY. :D

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Quite content, minus a few ballot measures here and there.

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Even more delighted than before:
Washington ballots have been counted & same sex marriage is legal!

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@ucme :: Mock us all you want. There isn’t an equivalent to the BNP here.

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I’m mocking no one Mr. Sensitive, just bored of hearing about elections.
The BNP dig is a little shallow considering them being widely recognised here as a minority bunch of racist tosspots….but still.

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