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I need to disappear from the "world." Any places like that?

Asked by Kokoro (1416points) November 8th, 2012

I’m in a dark spot and I feel like I need to release myself from everyday life and society. I don’t particularly want to go live in the forest and eat bugs, but something along that. Just getting away.

Any suggestions?

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Go out in nature, sit on something that feels comfortable and just watch the life you see. You’ll be renergized.

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There’s a place like this for you. It’s called Humboldt, California.

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Where are you, how are you fixed financially, and what about your job or other commitments?

Can you easily drop out?

There are wonderful Buddhist retreats (in San Fran and Marin counties) where you can be silent, eat vegetarian meals, and do good for others, for example.

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Rent a small place in the mountains in the West.

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Funny that you should ask…

I just this week started reading a new (to me; it’s been in print for 17 years) book called Drinking the Rain, a memoir by Alix Kates Shulman.

It pretty much speaks to exactly what you’re asking. I highly recommend this book.

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@CWOTUS: I loved that book when I first read it, in 1996. (And just finished reading her new novel, “Ménage,” that I liked but did not love.)

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I know the feeling well. Since you are probably feeling isolated, going out into the woods, or the equivalent, probably will not do much good. Going to a Buddhist ashram, as was suggested, may be what you want. For a more westernized version, you can go to Esalen

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I did something similar in 96’. I went to San Diego without anything but a thousand bucks. It didn’t help with what I was running away from. I eventually went back home and learned to deal with what made me leave.

And yes, it was a girl that I was having a hard time getting over.

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Grand Staircase/Escalante Utah.

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For the most part, you can’t up and leave your job, lease, and your belongings. So taking off and leaving all that you’ve worked for usually isn’t the best idea and can lead to more problems.

I find ‘small vacations’ to be the most worth it, because I have this problem very often. Take your day off and silence your phone. Do things you’ve been wanting to do but have been putting off (not errands – but something like drawing, reading a book, or going paint balling… anything like that) and just RELAX. This helps me because doing something like, for me, going shooting, is something fun and out of the ordinary when I’m feeling stir-crazy.

honestly, tonight, I did just that because I’ve been overwhelmed and depressed to the point of having anxiety attacks. What I did tonight (about three hours ago) is I took a bath. I never bathe, only shower! So, tonight I mixed things up; I put my phone on silent, and just sat in the warm water. breathing in, letting my lungs fill up with air until i’m floating in the water, and then exhaling and letting my body sink fast to the bottom of the tub. All with my eyes closed; I know it sounds strange, but I find it insanely relaxing. With your ears under the water and your eyes closed, all you can hear is your heartbeat and your breathing. It’s soothing.

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Maybe this isn’t the answer you are wanting, but for me sometimes just going on a long hike, or just being alone doing something I love like playing music.

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@rojo NAILED IT!!!! Desolate and so beautiful. Relatively unknown too, for what it is.

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Carthusian monasteries.

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I own some property with a trailer on it in the middle of nowhere. It’s in the Southern Tier of NY. You can hide there for months and not see a soul yet it’s about 6 miles from a small town that has everything. The only problem I can see is that winter is coming and it gets really bad in those hills. If you keep it clean you can stay there for a while. For free.

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@LuckyGuy I could use a secret love nest right about now…..

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@janbb It’s available. I’ll even tuck you in. There is plenty of propane gas to run the heater, oven, stove tops and refrigerator. There is a pond for water but I’d recommend taking in your own 2 gallon containers. Two couches along the wall pull out to make beds.
Battery power runs the thermostat and a generator charges everything. It will even run the shop vac. for cleaning. The place has not been touched in 4 years so it is probably musty. But I’m sure it will clean up nicely with some detergent and a little bleach.
It is absolutely isolated. Located at 2000 ft altitude with no lights. The night sky is magnificent.

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Try a church (be an active church worker) or a monastery to be extreme. The world will fade away as the time goes by.

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How about missionary work or joining a monastery?

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Get rid of all your email and social networking accounts. Get rid of your phone. Move. Quit your job. Withdraw all your money from the bank.

You’ll disappear mighty fast. If you go to India or Sri Lanka, it’s doubtful anyone will be able to find you until you want to be found.

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Since this Q has bubbled up again I should add that the place has been cleaned up.
It is ready for visitors. The key is hidden in the rear bumper storage compartment.

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