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What issues do you want president Obama to tackle in his 2nd term and what issues do you expect him to tackle?

Asked by tedd (14048points) November 9th, 2012

When Obama was elected the first time four years ago, everyone had great hopes about everything he would accomplish. Despite what was actually a pretty accomplished record, many of his fervent followers were left disheartened after 4 years. They didn’t feel he’d accomplished the things he set out to. We could argue over how successful his first term was, but that’s not my goal here…

In an effort to lay out flat what your expectations are for the second term, what do you want President Obama to tackle in the next 4 years? What issue would leave you disappointed if Obama failed to solve it or ignored it completely? What issues do you think the president will get to in his second term? Some example issues to follow:
-The debt/deficit
-Welfare/SS/Medicare/Medicaid reform
-Tax reform
-Going with all 3 /\, the Fiscal Cliff issue
-Iran and it’s nuclear program
-The drawdown in Afghanistan and continued war on Terror
-Syrian Civil War
-Approach to Muslim-spring movements and middle east in general
-Education reform
-Marijuana legalization and the war on drugs in general
-Gay Marriage
-Immigration Reform
-Relations with other world powers (China, Russia, EU, etc)

What do you want to see, and what will you consider a failure or success? Don’t feel limited to one item either.

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1. Global Climate Change.
2. Close Guantanamo.
3. Immigration Reform.
4. End the “War on Drugs”

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@zenvelo has a great list. I would add:

5. Ruthlessly find/eliminate waste in the budget.
6. Ruthlessly eliminate programs that aren’t effective and eliminate/replace them with ones that are.
7. Get rid of Homeland Security and have the FBI take care of domestic terrorism, the CIA/NSA/Millitary handle foreign terrorism and coordinate between the agencies better, eliminate all redundancy from having two agencies that handle the same thing.
8. Retire the Penny
9. Replace all nude scanners with several bomb-sniffing dogs at every TSA checkpoint.
10. Reform Patent laws for software to eliminate patent trolls.
11. Create penalties for companies who offshore jobs, and incentives to bring them home.
12. Aggressively fight China on it’s currency manipulation.
13. Figure out ways to strengthen economic bonds with Russia, and look to do a major push for trade with them.

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Him finishing his rain of stupidity

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I’m ready for the socialist takeover. U.S.S.R here I come! Am I right, guys….? Lol.

Citizens United would be a good start.

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I would like to see a single payer health care bill.

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Balls to the wall Single Payer. Healthcare is pretty much my main issue.

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I’m not American, but I want him to close Guantanamo, because it is just wrong! And while he does that, he might as well fix the situation with Cuba.
I want him to not use drones again.
I also think it would be a good thing for USA not to view China as an enemy, because that won’t do anything good.

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I’d like to see:
1) single payer health care
2)foreign relations
3)penalizing companies that export jobs and using incentives to bring companies back.
3)aggressively fight climate change.
Basically a mix of what the other responders want.

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While I’d like to see single payer healthcare, you guys are crazy. No way he touches healthcare again in the next 4 years. That bill we did get cost him most of his first term as far as legislative time.

I think for me the most urgent thing is the fiscal cliff, if only because the immediate ramifications if nothing is done are pretty severe. Also though, long term we do need to work to bring down the deficit/debt, and this is a rare opportunity to do that on a massive scale. Included in that to me is wholesale tax reform so that it no longer disproportionately benefits the wealthy, as well as welfare reforms that bring the program into better solvency and costs.

Going further than that I want to see climate change addressed, but more in the means of aggressively pursuing alternative energy sources.

I’d also like to see him take a more active role in the Syrian and Iran issues, as well as maintain the time table in Afghanistan.

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