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Was Jesus' Christ complex caused primarily by his being an only child?

Asked by Blondesjon (33658points) November 11th, 2012

Do you think he would have been as, uh, Christish if a sibling or two had been thrown in to the mix?

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He had a brother named James.

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He didn’t in Catholicism

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Relevant song by Modest Mouse.

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I see what you did there!

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We have no evidence that he – if he existed – was an only child, and some evidence that he did in fact have siblings.

Your entire premise is built on a false assumption.

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No way, pillow fights, hiding wooden toys, all of that would prevailed and landed him in hell no doubt.

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He had siblings.

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^ (This, for those who prefer the Brick Testament.)

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for those of you who are claiming he has siblings you must bear in mind that they are half siblings at best. this is an entirely different ball of psychological worms.

unless y’all are claimin’ there was a christ jr.

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I’ll just say that I am an only child, and if that used to make people Christ-like, it definitely lost its transformative power somewhere in the last 2000 years.

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If Jesus has any kind of complexes, my guess is that comes with being eternal and worshiped anshit.

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I think he was just an arrogant fucker with delusions of grandeur, maybe if his parents had purchased an Xbox, things may have turned out differently for the doomed nazarine.

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@ucme If Mary and Joseph had bought an Xbox for Jesus, I can just bet things would be very different. Imagine what he’d have got up to when he got his hands on the time machine they would have needed to buy such a toy. To say nothing of the engineering challenges of crafting transmission lines to go back 2 millennia in time.

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@ETpro He could fashion his son a wooden one, him being a carpenter & all, don’t fancy his online connection much though.

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back in those days, there was no electricity and no telecom connection. ANy toys had to be self-contained.

So he used his i-Dreydil and his e-scroll to amuse himself.

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Wait… is this the question?

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