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Have you heard or entertained any interesting conspiracy theories associated with David Petraeus' resignation as D/CIA?

Asked by josie (27384points) November 12th, 2012

The news story is that he was involved in a secret extra marital affair, got found out and resigned.

This weekend I was with friends and everybody seemed to have a spin on this story.

FBI, Libya, blackmail etc etc etc.

I figure it is pretty simple. He got caught with another woman, couldn’t deny it, resigned to try to minimize the bullshit.

But maybe there is more…

What theories have you heard? What theories do you imagine?

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It is amazing that in today’s paranoia, there haven’t already been more and wilder conspiracy theories getting widespread attention. So far, all I’ve heard is that Obama knew and kept the lid on it till after the election—or Romney did ditto. But just you wait. The conspiracy theories will fly. I think the types who think them up are a little bit slow on the uptake.

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I doubt that there is anything really sinister here.

These seems to be another case of a person who has a lot of power displaying an inability to “keep it in his pants”. This is absolutely typical of a certain type of male who thinks that he will never be found out and who is better than the rest of us.

They guy may be a brilliant soldier, but he is a complete idiot for getting involved in this. History shows dozens/hundreds of powerful men that were eliminated because of their erections.

Although devious sub-plots are certainly possible, this episode doesn’t have the smell of it.

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This is sad but funny.

I host my own e-mail so I am safer.

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There is no conspiracy, just the sad but common tale of a man with his pants down. Sounds like he picked a real winner to do it with.

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He had an affair with a beautiful crazy woman, I think. Who wouldn’t? She was a fitness buff, and pretty smart. She was taller than him (not sure what shoes shew as wearing). But she fell for him and gave him the admiration he probably found indispensible and eventually, he wanted her badly and she wanted him.

But then, she couldn’t have him. They were both married. They didn’t get a chance to see each other very often. And she saw him hanging out with another beautiful woman. Perhaps he was spending less time with her. Maybe their affair was over by then. In any case, she couldn’t stand the idea of this other woman having him. Bad enough that his wife had him, but she probably never slept with him, anyway, it they are a typical couple. So she wasn’t a worry.

But this new woman was a worry. She was young. She was married, too, but that didn’t mean anything. Married people hop from bed to bed like bunnies, as we all know. So she needed to warn this chick off. Send her a few messages. It’s normal, right?

Well, not to the new babe. She reported it to the FBI, and one thing led to another, and the FBI found itself knee deep in shit. And of course, they had no idea what to do. They knew Congress would want to know, and yet they had investigated and there was nothing illegal going on. But shoot. This is too delicious to leave alone. Gotta find some way for it to slip out. So let’s tell someone. Anyone plausible.

So they did. And do it got out. And indeed, it got out from the person who did it.

The FBI surely must feel smug. They didn’t have to make anything happen. They just told the general what they knew, and he took care of it for them.

Personally, I think it’s bullshit that he felt it necessary to resign. We live in a very priggy country. Makes me sick. Even if he is a Republican.

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@wundayatta You’re spot on re the priggishness of the USA. Look at how the Italians and French were able to shrug off multiple sexual indiscretions of their elected leaders. And it’;s certainly not like we judgmental Americans actually live up to the high moral standards we’re so willing to insist all others meet.

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I heard he’d been “fisting” Romney, cheeky bugger!

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Just saw some of Fox News’ analyses and conspiracy theories about what happened. It was insane. All I can say is, Fox Asylum.

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What were their crazy conspiracy theories, @mazingerz88? Those whackos on Fox are lunatics. What show were you watching?

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@bkcunningham That this is Obama’s Watergate. They delayed announcing news of Petraeus’ resignation because of its connection to the Benghazi issue. I guess it was the morning show? And then there was this GOP political analyst too in another show.

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Oh, I thought you said you just saw it on television. I was just curious what show. Good to know you watch Fox though. ~

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There doesn’t seem to be much to go on other than the fallout from Benghazi, but regardless, I think the story that’s being sold is horse crap. He won’t have to testify at the upcoming hearings on the Benghazi incident now that he’s resigned.

It was interesting to watch CNN when the story broke. They even addressed whether there was possibility of “conspiracy theories” and naturally everyone who was called to provide commentary denied the possibility except CIA bad boy Robert Baer.

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