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Does anyone have Generac generator?

Asked by philosopher (9145points) November 13th, 2012

Consumer reports rates Generac second to Kohler. They say it is a better buy.
I am trying to find a licensed dealer and compare prices. I want it hooked up to a natural gas line.
Any help would be appreciated.

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I think someone on the generator thread said they did have one. Maybe reread all the answers. I am interested too.

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@philosopher Having it tied to natural gas is both a blessing and curse. The blessing is that it is clean and you do not need to find fuel for it. It will run as long as there is natural gas. HOWEVER, if you look at the recent Barrier Island disaster, natural gas was shut off to stop the spread of fire. That is the curse. With no natural gas that nice generator becomes as useless as a boat anchor. For about $200 you can add an LP tank and have an LP jet tied to the generator so you can switch it if the need arises. Ask the dealer if they have that option.

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We have a Generac whole house generator. The cost was $5900 installed. We did not get rid of our small gasoline generator for just the reason mentioned by @LuckyGuy. In the event that the natural gas is shut off, we can still connect the gasoline generator to our critical functions like the well, sump pumps, refrigerator and freezer.

As we have not had a power outage since we got it, I can’t attest to anything regarding actual use.

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@tedibear I like that arrangement – especially if you already have a gasoline generator. Gasoline is easier to get and store than bottled LP.
How long ago did you have the generator installed and what is its size? $5900 seems low (or a very good deal) for a whole house system. Did you have to pay more ~$700 for a transfer switch? Is it auto start and auto test?

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My bro-in-law. He spent $7500 for the latest generation and feels it is money very well spent, given the conditions around this rural area and the fact that we are all aging.

He uses propane and has two enormous tanks filled and ready to go. The utility company schedule regular visits to check the amount left in the tanks, as they do with my natural gas I use for my stove top.

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Thank you everyone we are exploring options.
My husband wants the natural gas because his sister has had No problems.

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@LuckyGuy – $5900 was for everything and we have had it less than a year. (I think it was April of 2012.) I have no idea about the cost of the transfer switch, sorry. It is auto-start. After 12 seconds of the power being off, the generator kicks in. It is also auto-test. Every Sunday morning at 10AM it tests itself. I think it stays on for approximately 15 minutes. Honestly, I don’t know if that’s the amount of time or just the length of time that I notice it. Also, we got the original gas generator so long ago that I have no idea what the transfer switch for that cost.

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What area are you in? That is a good price.

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I am in Northeast Ohio.

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I have installed 3 generac generators for clients over the past 2 years and haven’t had any problems. The contractor recommended the generac.

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How much is installation likely to cost for a natural gas whole house generator?

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Generac has an on line site but the full price is set by the installer. I am trying to find some reputable. Yesterday my husband spoke with someone but they never called back as they said, they would.
Here in NYC many people are trying to high ball everyone since Hurricane Sandy. I over payed for tree trimming and I will wait unti I find a reputable installer. After any crisis the scammers are every place. Sadly this is the nature of some people.

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