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Sweeney Todd Blood part 2?

Asked by Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter (587points) June 6th, 2008

So my friend told me it was paint right. But, how did they make it come out? it looked so real. I mean it didn’t look like there were any packets or anything right? so how did they do it? computers?

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yep, computers. CGI is amazing these days.

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but how do they use the computers to do that?

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Wow, when you like something you get obsessed with it. Are you sure your homework is done? Shouldn’t you still be in school?

Computers and special dummies that bleed when cut. Thais how they did it.

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You’re right I should be in school, but sadly I started puking on the bus so I had to go home. and please stop asking me about my homework. i do that all be for i use the computer or watch tv.

But thank you for the info

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Sorry but you guys are kinda wrong. They put a prostetic neck covering on the actors which covered tubes which sprayed the blood pumped from somewhere else. The effect was enhanced and air brushed with cgi but no dummies were involved apart from when they are dropped down the chute.

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I just watched it. when he slashed his wife’s neck her head looked like it was a dummy’s

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i know what you mean. I remember watching that part and thinking it looked fake. They using a dummy/crappily acting stunt person because she falls down the trap door in the same shot. In all the other ones its done separatly.

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