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Would you rather go for "I'm an idiot for ...." sign or jail time?

Asked by flo (10479points) November 13th, 2012

Would you go for the sign or the jail time?
This story reminded of the question

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Depends on the cause. I don’t know that driving my smog-belching SUV in a place people might be walking is a particularly good cause.

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I have no problem admitting that I fall short at times.
Wearing the sign is a lot better than being raped by my cell mate.

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Mannnn I’ll write “I’m a huge fucking moron” in sharpie on my forehead every day for a year over doing jail time lol

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Sign, yes – Jail NO

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I would rather go for the sign too. But some judges think it is harsher that prison.

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I’ll take the sign any day, even in -20 bitter Minnesota winters or 115 in the sun in Phoenix.

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@flo: probably cheaper than prison!

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@linguaphile You must really not mind weather.

@bolwerk That is for sure it is cheaper, practically cost free. But are they supposed to just think of the deterring effect, i.e the huimiliation thing?

I wonder what would have happened if the judge had given him a sign.

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@flo: I dunno. Someone with that little empathy for others probably isn’t deterred except through consequences, unfortunately. AFAIK, she otherwise didn’t hurt anyone though.

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I meant I can’t see him choosing the sign over the prison time. This video (after 4.20 or so) is more apt I guess

I’m not sure if your first statement is about her or him @bolwerk.
Lucky for anyone who could have been hurt, and lucky for her.

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@flo I’m Deaf, so prison would be far, far, FAR worse for me than anyone who can hear. It would essentially be isolation 24/7, never knowing what was coming next, not being able to hear the beeps and bells that help regulate life in prison, not being able to hear orders and getting punished for it, not being able to defend myself in the yard, not being able to converse with my neighbors or cellies. I know this from other Deaf people who experienced jail and prison.

I’ll take extreme weather over that any day.

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@linguaphile It gives me the shivers to think how it hard it would be as a deaf or blind or any other impairment.
I think ninety something percent of people would take singn anytime, anyway.

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@flo, I agree. I have to admit, I was thinking only from my point of view as well. I didn’t even think about what it would be like for someone who was blind or had cerebral palsy or any impairment, so thank you for that!

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Jail has to be a horror show anyway for anyone. I am amazed that things like hearing aid are not provided just like medical care is.

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Hearing aids only benefit people with mild, moderate and some severe hearing losses, not profound hearing losses. I have no idea, really, if prisoners are allowed to keep their assistive devices! I’m thinking about canes, aids, protheses, walkers, etc…

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