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Will a game that was made for the Playstation 1 work on a later model, such as Playstation 3?

Asked by laurenkem (3398points) November 13th, 2012

Just curious – looking for some classic games, but not sure if they’ll work on the newer gaming systems. Thanks for any advice!

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Depends which model of the PS3 you have. Check here.

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If it’s a PS1 game, no. Only PS2 games are backwards compatible with the PS3, and that’s only the very early models.

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No. :’-( PS3 is not backwards compatible with PS1, and only backwards compatible with PS2 if you happened to be lucky enough to buy one of the earliest (and most prohibitively expensive) versions of the PS3.

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Okay, I can see the most likely answer is a “no”, depending on the link that @Mariah so nicely provided.

@DeanV and @bookish1 , thanks so much for your input. I have a thing for classic video games and it’s getting to be where I have to buy some vintage gaming system just to play them!

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The PS1 is not vintage… It came out in my late childhood and I am not that old yet, haha… It’s a really good system, though, especially if you like role playing games.

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I don’t believe so.

And please don’t refer to the PS1 as “vintage!” I’m not old enough to have anything from my teenage years be considered vintage yet! :D

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I think you can buy/download PS1 games to play on the PS3 though. Here’s a link about it since I don’t know the specifics.

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@Mariah Yeah, if you have an online connection, you can visit the PlayStation Store, and a great big mass of PS1 titles are available. You buy and download them, then they’re yours, and most include a digitized version of the original instruction book.
All the games cost five dollars, and some few very classic/rare ones cost ten. Granted it doesn’t include the entirety of the PS1 library (no Koudelka, bastards) but it has all the Greatest Hits and classics. It also includes a few titles never released in America, so if you can understand/read Japanese…It also includes some PS2 titles you can buy and download, but not as many as they have PS1 titles…(they always keep adding a few titles every month though, for both libraries)

I was sure that the PS3 was compatible with ALL PS1 games though…shows what I know lmao

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You can get a download on PSN that will allow you to play PS1 disks. But unless you have a PS3 that specifically sais it is backwards compatable then it will not work. Also, Check the PS Network for dowloadable games from PSone. They are cheap and there are alot of great titles and classics.

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My PS3 will play PS1 discs but not PS2 discs and according to Sony all PS3 systems are backwards compatible with (most) PS1 games. For PS2 discs only the first version of PS3 will play them as it had all the chips from a PS2 in it (that’s one of the reasons the PS3 was so stupidly expensive when it was first released).

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You need the very first ps3 system for those games to work. How I know is because I own one and old games work on it.

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First, please allow me to apologize for my errant use of the word “vintage”! I made sure I used the word “classic” in every other reference just for that reason – I’m not exactly a kid myself! Last time I checked I was 48. But I have very very fond memories of playing on the Super NES games like Super Mario, and in particular, I remember the very first Crash Bandicoot, which came out with the first PS. I actually found one for sale on ebay for less than 20 bucks (they’re $95 on Amazon!) and then I bought a “classic” PS1 on for like $30. Since I will be all alone at Christmas, these will be my gifts to myself – yay!

Now bring on Spyro the Dragon, who I also remember fondly. And no, these are definately not “vintage”

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@laurenkem Oooh, I love Spyro! :D

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@WillWorkForChocolate , then I’ll be hitting you up for help, lol! I never could best that game and now I shall have my revenge!!! BWAHHHAHAHAHAHA!

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If it’s impossible to play PSX games on your Playstation 3, just try playing it on PC using some kind of emulators. There are even PS3 emulators in web:

Note that Playstation 4 won’t be backwards compatible with PSX, PS2 and PS3.

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