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What do you think Fox News and other conservative groups would say, about any blue states that wanted to secede if Romney had won?

Asked by Brian1946 (23295points) November 13th, 2012

By blue states, I mean those that counted more votes for Obama than for Romney.

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I think the talk about secession is bullshit, but having said that, you may be missing the point

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Some of the states asking for secession were states that voted for Obama.

Republicans in general, and FOX specifically, don’t see the big picture, and certain are bitter about this election. Had it been reversed, and California asked to secede, FOX would demand bombing begin at once.

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@josie I agree that it is bullshit. If it is, as we agree, bullshit, then can there be a point?

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I watch a variety of programs on Fox News and you Flutherites who profess to abhor Fox apparently watch more Fox than I. Some of the things I see posted I would have completely missed if it hadn’t been for you guys and your apparent allegiance to Fox News.

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They show us all the FUNNY clips on MSNBCs EdShow & Maddow, @bkcunningham ;)

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^ True that.

But you should also give credit to Jon Stewart, who probably watches more Fox News than any republican, just because he’s an addict.

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Ah ha. That explains it then, @SpatzieLover and @glacial. Thanks for the explanation.

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Communist Unamerican Nazi Traitors is what they would call them.

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I recall the days of Sore Loserman too well. If Dems had a similar group to the Tea Party, @Brian1946 most likely it’d result in the same type of mud slinging we had in 2000.

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UnAmerican traitors, obviously.

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@bkcunningham there’s also NewsHounds with the motto “We watch Fox so you don’t have to!”

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Everybody so concerned about Fox News. Interesting. That must be why Fox News Channel leaves the other news organizations in their smoke in the ratings. Thanks, @gorillapaws.

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The ratings are not the point. Cable news is the lowest rated type of viewing; it’s like competing for the scraps left under the table.

Don’t get me wrong – now that Maddow is beating O’Reilly some nights 2 years down the road, I’m sure they’re all very proud over at MSNBC. But the ratings are not the point. People don’t get to determine what the facts are by a popular vote.

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@glacial, Rachel Maddow, or anyone at MSNBC telling me the facts is a joke.

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Wait. This is what I meant to post. Wow. These are journalists I want to follow. It is easy to confuse the SNL bit and the real thing.

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